Islam, as part of our "Global-Salvation Program" for the upliftment of fallen humanity, beginning with our own people, the members of Allah's Temple have founded the "PAN-ASIATIC CONGRESS", and the PAN-ASIATIC CONGRESS has now adopted this "UNIVERSAL CHARTER", July 1st, 2012.






As a receiver of this Universal Charter of the Pan-Asiatic Congress, I have the Divine knowledge, Divine Wisdom and Divine Understanding;

1. That the Whole Asiatic Race, and its Nations, are the original people of the planet Earth, the first rulers of the planet Earth, and will again be the rulers of the planet Earth. it was the Europeans that named our Race under the terms "Negro", "Black", and "Colored", and we do not except this from them, as WE KNOW who we are, WE KNOW our history, and so, We KNOW that We are the Original Asiatic Race of the planet Earth.

2. That the Whole Asiatic Race, and its Nations, are the fathers and mothers of Progressive Civilization, as the founders of the first Supreme Civilization, which has given birth to all Progressive Civilizations after it. and to which the modern Fathers and Mothers of Progressive Civilization are returning to, and will excell beyond, as the purpose of the "future" is to surpass all of the "supremes" of the past. 

3. That the Divine Science of Islam is the key to the Divine Knowledge, Divine Wisdom, and Divine Understanding of the Whole Asiatic Race and its rulership over the universe. And thus, Islam is turning the Whole Asiatic Race into a single Universal and Supreme Civilization.

4. That Islam is a Divine (supernatural) and Natural (supraterrestrial) way of life, Culture and Civilization, and thus, it is also the Original True and Divine Religion of the Whole Asiatic Race, its Nations, and Families. that way of "life" was oriignally called the "likeness of Allah (swt)", based upon the highest ideal of Oneness; "the unity of Allah (swt) and Man" from which we get the statement of tawhid; "An Shahadu Laa Ilaha Illaa Allah (swt), Wahdahu Sharika Lahu". 

5. That the Superior Education of the Higher-Self (Human Spirit) of Man as the True and Divine Lord (master/sovereign) of the Physical Universe, also called the Plane of Manifest, should be established to enable us to manifest the Omnipresentism, Omnipsectivism, Omniscientism, Omnipotentism and Omnificentism of our Race of People (Spirit made manifest in flesh). the "-ism" here represents "the manifestation of the idea in, thru and arund us". Because We know that "Men" and "Women" are the living Image and likeness of Almighty God Allah (swt), and All Asiatics are Men and Women.

6. That each one must teach a thousand, indepthly and adeptly, according to the Divine Knowledge, Divine Wisdom and Divine Understanding given to us from Almighty God Allah's (swt) own Omniscience, which is the foundation of Islam, the Divine Science of Salvation. And the exercising of our "Five Senses" is to improve and empower the "Five Senses" of the approximately Five Billion Asiatics presently on Earth. When we are Five Billion solid, we will be Five Billion strong.

7. That the Higher-Self (Human Spirit) of every member of the Whole Asiatic Race, its Nations, and Families is the Seed, essence and substance of Almighty God Allah (swt) alone made manifest thru their physical bodies, and whose power, potential and possibilities is unfolding more and more as Man's physical body evolves more and more, our physical evolvement goes hand in hand with our spiritual unfoldment. 

8. That our Asiatic Sons and Daughters are our link to controlling our future, and all Future Civilizations, until we reach our Supreme Civilization called "Heaven on Earth", and our Asiatic Sons and Daughters must be raised, respected, loved, protected and educated in Islam; the Divine Science of Salvation.

9. That the Whole Asiatic Race, its Nations, and Families are the vital building blocks of our Supreme Civilization (Heaven of Earth), past, present and future. We are the origin and center of all life on planet Earth. And thus, we reject, and remove from ourselves, any names, principles, philosophies, titles, psychologies, idealogies, religions, political bodies, etc. thats does not recognize this divine and natural fact.


10. That the word Asiatic literally means the "spirit, substance, essence, seed, part of Almighty God Allah (swt) made manifest in human flesh", you cannot be an "Asiatic" without being a Spirit in flesh, and as the Spirit is Divine, then the true origins of all "Asiatics" is Divine, and the "Divinity" of the Whole Asiatic Race is the source of its Almightiness, Omnipotence, and All-Powerfulness which holds the boundless power inherited from our first forefathers, and is thus, inherent to, inalienable from, and invincible in, the Spirit of Man, the first, original and universal, Man being the "Asiatic" Man. today called as Homo-sapien-Sapien, yesterday called as Homo-Sapien, and tomorrow called as "Homo-sapien-Superior" of our Supreme Civilization.       


11. That only the Whole Divine Truth is our liberation, because only the Whole Divine Truth is all Divine Knowledge, Divine Wisdom and Divine Understanding of the Higher-Self (Human Spirit) and all of its powers, potentials and possibilities which are inherited, inherent, inalienable, and invincible, which can liberate us from our "fallen stage" today. The Asiatic Race, its Nations, and Families, is returning to its original natural state of "Man" as the "embodiment of truth", and the Whole Divine Truth is All-Omnibus.    




1. I acknowledge the Boundless powers of our first Forefathers is manifested thru us as the Almighty, Omnipotent, and All-powerful spiritual powers, physical powers, and mental powers of the Whole Asiatic Race, its Nations, and Families, as the seed of Almighty God Allah (swt) made manifest in flesh, and I pledge to pursue the absolute and ultimate advancement, growth, expansion and development of these powers for the benefit, betterment and blessing of the Whole Asiatic Race, its Nations, and its Families, all over the planet Earth, and any other planet we extend our inhabitance and dominion to.


2. I acknowlegde the infinite powers, potentials, possibilities, capabilities and abilities of the Whole Asiatic Race, its Asiatic Nations, Asiatic Communities, Asiatic Families, and individual Asiatic Men and Women  all over the planet earth to progress, surpass and excel beyond all past discoveries, inventions, successes, victories and accomplishments. and I pledge to work to make this manifest in the lives of the Whole Asiatic Race, approximatelty all Five Billion Asiatics worldwide.


3. I acknowledge the Whole Asiatic Race, its Nations, and its Families as being more important than any one individual, any individualistic wants and desires, or any form of individualism. individualistic thinking, speaking and acting are a form of traitor-ism, and cannot be tolerated by the Race. because true individuality does not divide you from the rest of the Race, it makes you unite the Whole Race together through your works. and I pledge to be a strong Race-Man, and strong Race-Woman, living my life for the Whole Asiatic Race.


4. I acknowledge the need for the constant and continuous work for more L.I.F.E. meaning Liberty, Independence, freedom and Equality, for the Whole Asiatic Race, the work to end the oppression, repression, suppression, depression and apression of every single member of the Asiatic Race, and the work to build a better (sovereign and superior) world (physical state of existence) for the Whole Asiatic Race on Earth. and I pledge to unite into a collective work with every single member of the Asiatic Race for the fashioning of a planetary victory in concert with all of my Asiatic Brothers and Sisters around the globe.


5. I acknowledge that the fundamental reason Our oppression, repression, suppression, depression and apression continues all over the world, is that We, as a Race of people, lack the immediate political, economic, social and intellectual powers necessary to control Our lives, because we have been thoroughly stripped of them all over the planet. and I pledge to re-gain those powers, and end the oppression, repression, depression, suppression and apression of the Whole Asiatic Race in order to build a sovereign and superior Globally Organized Dominion out of, and over, all of the Asiatic Nations of the Race.


6. I acknowledge that We must organize and mobilize upon the lands in which we reside, domicile and inhabit, as we gather together mentally, physically, spiritually, economically, scientifically, technologically, etc. one equal and universal structure,. under on supreme leadership, having every power of unity and uniformity in our favor, in order to tell the world that We are now, by our own wills, liberated, independent, free, and equalized to all other men in all other lands and their national governments. I pledge to organize, mobilize, and become one in every way with our Pan-Asiatic Congress to stand ready to defend Ourselves, establishing a New Globally Organzied Dominion of the Asiatic Nations, which will be the beginning of the Whole Asiatic Race becoming ONE GLOBAL NATION again.


7. I acknowledge that manifesting everything in this "Universal Charter" will bring about our sovereign and superior state of existence over the Earth-land, and so, I pledge to work without pausing, or stopping, until We have won our sovereignty and superiority. I pledge to struggle without fail until We have built a better condition than Man has yet known ever on this planet. I will live, fight, kill and die IF necessary. I will give all of my time, all of my mind, all of my strength and all of my wealth because this IS necessary. because I will save my Whole Race, the Asiatic Race.


8. I acknowledge that I cannot do it all alone, we must all do it together, so I pledge I will follow my chosen leaders and help them, and I will be the greatest Brother and Sister that I can be to all of my Brothers and Sisters of this Great Work. I will love all of my Asiatic Brothers and Sisters as I love myself, if not more. and I will never steal from a Brother or Sister, never cheat a Brother or Sister, never misuse a Brother or Sister, never give information to our enemies on a Brother or Sister, and neever spread any gossip against a Brother and Sister of this Great Work.


9. I acknolwedge that the cleanliness of my spirit, soul and body is next to godliness, so I will keep myself clean in body, dress and speech, knowing that I am a revealer of Almighty God Allah's (swt) light which has been set on a hill (capitol/pinnacle), I am a true representative of the "Kingdom of Heaven" that we are building. and so, I will be patient in uplifting the deaf, dumb and blind, and I will seek by word and deed to heal the Whole Asiatic Race, firstly by bringing them into this Great Work out of every Community so they will become the future mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, Sons and Daughters of our Supreme Civilization. in the past they have been left by the wayside as the "undesirables" in every national government under a FOREIGN-SUPREMACY PSYCHOLOGY, but today they are the Masters of their Fate, and our Future.


10. I acknowlegde that I follow only what I know to be Right, True, and factual, and thus, I am never a Blind Follower, and I pledge to make sure every single member of the Whole Asiatic Race is also never a blind follower, but is Faithful to fulfilling and unfolding the internal and external powers, potentials and possibilties of the Whole Asiatic Race, which is the Blessed and beloved Race of Almighty God Allah (swt). In Genesis 1:26-28 we were Blessed to be the Living Image and Likeness of Almighty God Allah (swt) made manifest upon the Earth-land, in fact, the Asiatic Race is really (naturally and automatically) the vanguard of the Everlasting Dominion of Almighty God Allah (swt)...


11. I pledge to defend, protect and preserve this "Universal Charter", its principles and purposes, and to make sure it is continually and perpetually defended, protected and preserved by my children, grand children, great grand children and posterity for millinneum to come.


This Universal Charter of the Pan-Asiatic Congress is based upon the Divine Creed of Islam, which was founded solely upon the Divine Plan of Ages for the Redemption, Salvation and Perfection of the "Lord of Manifest", which is the Human Spirit. And so we know that we are powerful, because we are power filled, being filled with the infintie creative powers of Almighty God Allah (swt), the Creator of all Seven Planes of Creation. And this Infintie Creative Power must be fulfilled by us thru establishing our own never-ending, everlasting, eternal and immortal dominion over the entire physical universe. as the "lord" is the one that has "dominion".


This Divine Knowldge, Divine Wisdom, and Divine Understanding will give you the power to defeat all our enemies, opposition, challengers, resistance, obstacles, etc. as the Whole Divine Truth knows no one, or nothing, that can defeat it, it stands undefeated and undefeatable, and so are all who possess it. make the Truth of this "Universal Charter" your possession, and take your rightful place at the pinnacle of creation.    


And so, if you have the desire, determination, dedication, devotion, drive, discipline and diligence to SAVE OUR RACE, equally and universally, then join the M.S.T.A. and its auxillary body, the P.A.C., in our GREAT WORK.


to dominate, one must be taught how to be dominant and dominating, controlling all of the domino-effects (linear time = space-matter-motion) in your life, and so, your dominion awaits you. for more information contact Prince ka Amir Saadi-El, 2nd Supreme Grand Sheik of the MSTA, 1st Chairman of the P.A.C., 1st President of the Moorish Academy of Science, founder of the Great Moorish Dial, and Moorish-Arabic dialect.


True and Divine Peace (HKMSTA 46:9)

Allah's Minister;

El, Ghazi, Prince Ka Amir Saadi-El, 2nd SGS.    

"I am a Moslem"

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