A short essay on the neccessities of GOOD GOVERNMENT.


"UNITY" means ONENESS, and our ONENESS is within, with OUR FATHER GOD ALLAH (swt). our ONENESS is in our OMNIPOTENCE, for the purpose of manifesting that omnipotence as our OMNIFICIENCE.

this is how our "SALVATION" becomes our SAVING POWER, through the words and works of our SAVIOURS (manifestations of DIVINE POWER in flesh), also called MESSIAHS and "being translated" as CHRISTS.

from the OMNIPOTENT force that is PRESENT EVERYWHERE, there comes THE POWER in all things. and when that power is manifest through different forms of work, it is called that kind of power. when that power is manifest through the work of mechanics, it is called mechanical power. when that power is manifest through the works of water, it is called hydraulic power. when that power is manifest through the works of the sun, it is called solar power. when that power is manifest through the works of those that save the people, nations, and civilizations of our race, that is SAVING POWER, the OMNIPOTENT POWER OF SOVEREIGN PEOPLE, also called SOVEREIGN POWER.

thats why the prophet told us he gave us everything it takes to save a nation, NOW TAKE IT AND SAVE OURSELVES. we must take that force and power and apply it ourselves THROUGH OUR WORKS. and the five greatest devils (mental diseases) against this work is the INSTABILITY, INCONSTANCY, WEAKNESS, INSUFFICIENCY, and MISERY of the leaderships character, as their character is superimposed over the rest of the citizens as their leaders.

instablility is countered by stability, inconstancy is countered by being constant, weakness is countered by strength, insufficiency is countered by intelligence, and misery is countered by joy. and all of these are the character and mindstate of the WORKER. and the greatest neccessity in these issues is LONGEVITY, as the work for upliftment, betterment, unfoldment, advancement, and development is never ending. thus not only must we show forth the strength is takes to fight all the foes of our cause, but we must show it for eternity across all infinity.

without ENDURANCE, there can be nothing redeemed, saved, or perfected.

those that love the movement today and hate the movement tomorrow, those that think the movement is the greatest today, and the lowest tomorrow, those that want to see this movement across the world today, but dont even want to be a part of it tomorrow, etc. are the death of this and any other movement. and this same diseased mentality, is equally the death of anything else it becomes involved with.

the Moslem knows that the will of ALLAH (swt) is ETERNAL, and thus their duty and obligation to ALLAH is neverending (24-7-365).

everybody today wants to claim some form of relationship to the ancient kings and queens of yesterday, so they can walk around with fancy names and titles, and have an abundance of egos, but very poor attitudes towards others. these people act as if they built the pyramids themselves, and gathered together the great wisdom of solomon themselves, or wrote the all of the ancient tablets themselves, or formed the kingdoms of the moors in west africa themselves. but when it comes to doing the NEVERENDING WORK, they dont have the time in their busy schedules, nor the patience to go through all the problems of rulership, the first pre-requisite being BLOOD.

as every true ruler throughout history will tell you, that rulership is not some part time thing, you can pick up and put down when you feel like it. it is 24-7-365, and it demands YOUR LIFE, your BLOOD, and your DEATH for it.

too many times I hear people talk about what they will die for, but as soon as that speech is over, they cant even find the time to do the MINIMUM WORKS needed to keep the movement alive.

the time, effort and energy we give to this movement is its LIFEBLOOD. this is one of the reasons the NEW JERUSALEM was called the BRIDE of christ. because it had become BLOOD OF HIS BLOOD, BONE OF HIS BONE, and FLESH OF HIS FLESH. they had become one. and this is the same case with all of his TRUE AND FAITHFUL FOLLOWERS, whom he called his brothers and sisters, and because of their neverending endurance in fulfilling the will (work) of their FATHER GOD ALLAH, he said "these works I do, ye shall do greater works than these" (John 14:12). for they would have that same SAVING POWER of/from their own words and works.

but if you are not willing to pick up your cross (personal sacrifices to see the movements success), and lay down your life to be that "LAMB" (one that has sacrificed itself for the benefit of all), then how will you ever "BE THE MESSAGE" of "SALVATION TO THE NATIONS"??? or does your ideas (words and works) of salvation end at your lips???

now we all can only give in our own portions, as this is a very real world, and we have many repsonsibilities as adults, and yet, if you have taken up the responsibility of MEMEBERSHIP in this movement, then you are just as responsible for its SUCCESS AND FAILURE as you are for that of your own personal family, and for yourself.

when you wake up, the movement wakes up with you. when you go to sleep, the movement is right there with you. when you go to work, the movement is in your office. when you go on vacation, the movement is right there with you. when your body dies, the movement still remains ALIVE with YOUR SPIRIT. this is the true marriage of the lAMB and the BRIDE.

when BUDDAH realized the TRUTH, he gave up every worldly possession for it. when JESUS realized the TRUTH, he travelled across the known world for it. when Mohammed realized the TRUTH, he conquered mecca for it, and was on his way to every other nation of the world for it. I do not expect everyone to be a Buddah, Jesus, Mohammed, etc. but I do expect everyone that takes up membership to be "FAITHFUL" 24-7-365, everlasting to everlasting.

for example, eversince the day I realized and recognized that NOBLE DREW ALI was a PROPHET OF ALLAH, I have studied his life works and teachings NON-STOP. eversince that day over four years ago, I have studied for hours every day NON-STOP, every single day. anyone that knows me will tell you, I live this movement, I breath this movement, I eat and sleep this movement, its all I talk about, its all I think about, its all I write about, its all I dream about, its all I see for myself, my family, and our future. and I do it all with a HOLY ZEAL and ETERNAL FELICITY.

and because of my LOVE FOR and LOYALTY TO this movement, where others just see a corporation, or a grass roots organization, I see the NEW MOORISH WORLD KINGDOM, I see the NEW ALIYAN DYNASTY OF CANAANITES (Asiatic Nations of Divine Origin). I see the MOORISH DIVINE INTERNATIONAL MOVEMENT, I see the MOORISH SCIENCE TEMPLE OF THE WORLD, etc. and I see it lasting over the entire age of Aquarius, the NEW ERA OF TIME, the next 2000 years, just as the christian church has lasted. and as this is what I see, this is what I live to see manifest.

Prophet Noble Drew Ali was not just ALLAHS PROPHET on fridays and sundays, how can we be members only on those days??? and then wonder why this movement hasnt reached the WHOLE WORLD. our every thought deed and action must be full of the desire, determination, dedication, devotion and drive to see this movements success.

whenever you see a MARINE. he is a marine 24-7-365, he is proud to be a marine, he walks, talks and dresses like a marine, even when they are no longer in the corps. this is the living physical manifestation of "FAITHFUL".

as members, we cannot separate ALLAH, THE PROPHET, ISLAM, OR THE TRUTH from THE MOVEMENT, they are ONE. the MDM/MSTA is the physical manifestation of the WILL OF ALLAH, through the words and works of HIS PROPHET. whom ALLAH PREPARED and continued to GUIDE, through his whole life. the Moslem knows that this movement is ALLAHS WILL IN ACTION. thus its foundation cannot be CHANGED, ALTERED, REMOVED, or DONE AWAY WITH. not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

establishing ALLAHS EVERLASTING DOMINION upon the Earth land by forming our own kingdoms today is going to take every last drop of life we have within us, ARE YOU WILLING TO PAY THE PRICE FOR OUR EARTHLY SALVATION???? as this is the responsibility you have taken on, called MEMBERSHIP.


the greatest hypocrisy I have seen among most organizations, is that they all claim their purpose is, "UNITY".

yet they are never a WORKING ORGAN in the national body towards the UNIFICATION (inner solidification and outer consolidation) of the whole nation and race. this is why we are still not UNITED NATIONALLY, and we have no INTERNATIONAL UNITY OF THE RACE. there is always that talk of what IS IN THE WORKS, but year after year things remain the same, PERPETUALLY GETTING MORE DIVIDED. their egos force their DEMOCRACY and LIBERALISM from the NATIONAL WHOLE and its future. each one of these poor leaders (IDOL SHEPHERDS) works selfishly to keep us DEPARTMENATLIZED (ethiopian), thus even though they still walk the earth, it is as if they have already DEPARTED from this life when it comes to positive works.

true democracy has absolutely no structure, so everyone can do whatever they want to do, whenever they want to do it, no matter who it hurts.

true liberalism has a structure, but allows its members to do what ever they want whenever they want, as long as the leaders themselves are not harmed.

and the fact is, as much as people love to call themselves being for democracy or libralism, thats not what they really want. as this cannot PROVIDE ANY FUTURE FOR OUR PEOPLE, NATION, OR RACE.

everyone doing their own thing has never BUILT A NATION. this is only done by EVERYONE being focused upon ONE GOAL, ONE AIM, ONE FUTURE. as there is nothing democratic or liberal about SURVIVAL, either you will continue to exist or you will become extinct, according to your works.

and yet even basic and primary survival, is not the CAUSE OF THE NATION.

returning man to his original state, within his vast estate as the LORD OF SOUL AND MANIFEST, on the highest plane of life with his FATHER GOD ALLAH is our all encompassing and all ruling struggle.

for any cause to be successful, there must be a movement, and the movement must have direct (members) and indirect (supporters) constituents (followers) that make up its physical constitution (substance, structure and support).

the "indirect" constituents will almost always outwiegh the amount of "direct" constituents. usually 95% of your constituents will be "indirect". the work is to make those that are NON-CONSTITUENTS into constituents, and turning the majority percentage of "indirect" constituents into "direct" constituents. the final idea being ALL MEN as DIRECT CONSTITUENTS. as Prophet Jesus (pbuh) said ALL MEN WILL DO WHAT I HAVE DONE, and Drew Ali (pbuh) said BEFORE THE END OF TIME EVERY KNEE WILL BOW TO ISLAM.

"THE CAUSE" (purpose, objective, mission, struggle), is the New Moorish World Kingdom (plan, program and paradigm); this is the MOORISH DIVINE MOVEMENT and MOORISH SCIENCE TEMPLE. the MDM will establish incorporations of the MST in every nation across the world. re-solidifying the entire asiatic race into ONE NATION, and then raising that nation into the highest civilization in the history of man. returning ALL MEN to the highest plane of life with OUR FATHER GOD-ALLAH (swt).

the "DIVINE SCIENCE OF SALVATION" (the CAUSE of being the LORD/perfected man) produces a specific SPIRIT, PSYCHOLOGY, PHILOSOPHY, MORALITY and POLICIES within the individual and the nation. it sets the individual moslems INTENTIONS and ATTENTIONS towards NATIONAL VICTORY. for he learns (knows and understands) that TRUE INDEPENDENCE can only be achieved through being SOVEREIGN and SUPERIOR in everything we do. the PROPHET taught us the CAUSE, gave us the "SCIENCE" to accomplish it, and then told us to SAVE OURSELVES with it.

victory (our salvation) is a matter of objectives that are PROPERLY PLANNED and PROPERLY EXECUTED (enforced and effected) with minimum effort and maximum efficiency.

the kingdoms, empires, and dominions of the past were not built upon anything less than the EXTREME and AGGRESSIVE ACTIONS OF UNIFIED NATIONS to have their own. our UNTIY through INNER SOLIDIFCATION and OUTER CONSOLIDATION, is the key to our national success. this includes forming coalitions and cooperations with other nations who are determined for the same purposes. but as only UNITY is ONENESS, then all coalitions (temporary unity for a purpose) must be made with the FULL INTENTION for permanent ONENESS.

do not enter into a coalition with any organization you do not plan to eventually UNIFY with. that is what COOPERATION is for. two separate nations with no plans of unity can cooperate with eachother, for their mutual benefits, but with no false ideas of UNITY, or future UNIFICATION.

thus we will have the proper understanding that we are separate today, and will continue to be separate tomorrow, us and our DESTINIES. it is important to know who is making a living with (and off) of you, and who will die with (and for) you. becuase there is a different understanding and related behaviour when anothers survival is not intertwined with your survival. especially when according to the nature of the world, one day their future survival may depend on forcing your extinction, and vice versa. so the five elements that face our organizations UNITY are;


2. OUTER CONSOLIDATION (centralization)


4. PRESENT COOPERATION (mutual benefits)

5. RESISTANCE (neutral and adverse force)


and this is why I am always stressing the differences between certain words and the ideas they represent, because we must speak CLEARLY AND CONFIDENTLY, if we want our words to be properly communicated and carried out. if our strategies are to be successful. and for this to be the case, our strategy must be based upon intelligent, indepth, intense, and extensive Calculations, planning, analysis, and research (before, during and after all operations).

and we must especially know what it is that our competition is actually saying, because it has been taken for granted for too long that our people are just ignorant and illiterate and will not be able to understand simple directives and orders, wether from their own leadership or others. and understanding what OTHER LEADERS are telling their people is just as important as knowing what their own leaders are telling them, as the old proverb says "KNOW THY ENEMY".

this psychology is also very important because most of our people have been lied to, and forced into thinking that they are INDIVIDUALS and owe no responsibility to anyone else but themsleves. but that is the farthest thing from the truth, thats just the WRONG LANGUAGE (and thus psychology) that they have been taught by their enemies.

your true enemies are the enemies of all ASIATICS, but I would like to take a second to say this to all those still under the illusion that we are "BLACK PEOPLE", when you were born, your skin color was MORE than just something that your PARENTS gave you. as your parents were PART OF THE RACE, and the RACE PRODUCED THEM FOR ONE PURPOSE, ITS SURVIVAL, and thus they produced you for the same purpose, the continuance of the entire race. everything you do and dont do brings the entire race closer to its excellence or its extinction. you are NEVER FREE from this repsonsibility, duty and obligation to the whole race. as the only way to stop being a member of the race is to DIE. and if we do not live our lives according to this truth, THE WHOLE RACE WILL EVENTUALLY DIE.

there are no individuals, as it is never just all about you. even though our enemies have done a good job at setting this illusion of division upon our minds. and thus we act out this falsehood, and call it being STREET, HOOD, or GHETTO. but none of these DESCRIBE OUR RACE, OR ITS DESTINY. these words only decribe the temproray situation SOME (not all) of the members of our race find themselves in, and the fact is, MAN IS NOT THE SITUATION HE FINDS HIMSELF IN, HE IS THE ONE THAT WORKS TO DO BETTER OR WORSE IN THAT SITUATION, CREATING NEW ONES FOR HIMSELF.

nature only preserves the best, this fact is called NATURAL SELECTION.

and this can also be seen in the fact that the ETERNAL SPIRIT will survive, while the TEMPORARY body will die. the spirit being perfect, and the body being imperfection manifest (the opposite of the spirit). this is what is meant in BEING YOURSELF, AS YOU ARE NOT THE BODY, YOU ARE THE SPIRIT, YOU ARE THE BEST. so you cannot be your best unless you are first allowed (by your own thoughts, deeds and actions) to be yourself. and as the SPIRIT is constantly UNFOLDING UNTO THE PERFECTION OF ITS KIND, you cant do anything but get BETTER AND BETTER.

thus we are uplifitng fallen humanity (asiatics) by teaching (the uniting of the koran) those things necessary (to love instead of hate), to make MEN (sons) AND WOMEN (daughters), better citizens of the national government U.S.A. (north america).

the "UNITING" of the Holy Koran is called an "ASSEMBLY", also called EKKLESSIA, translated as "CHURCH" (a misnomer), but actually mean a "CLASS". which was the original purpose of the temple, which can be seen all over the world, the religious centers were always also the educational centers. the TEMPLES WERE THE ORIGINAL SCHOOLS (classes). thus the GUIDERS OF THE NATIONS will come from our the SUNDAY SCHOOLS of our SCIENCE TEMPLES (temples of science).

it is because of all of this that I have stated that the purpose of the TEMPLE is teaching our people "SUPERIOR THINKING, TEACHING, TRAINING, TECHNOLOGY and TRADE", especially in these days of "PASSS THE BUCK EDUCATION", where the children are being poorly eductaed, and the parents are blaming the teachers, the teachers are blaming the parents, and both are blaming the government for not providing the best education possible to our future, THE YOUTH.

the fact is the PARENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR CHILDRENS EEEDUCATION, and should never push the full and total responsibility of that on anyone else, or even be foolish enough to think that anyone else will ever make sure their children will be educated at the highest levels possible. by all the laws of nature that is the parents job. this taking on of our responsibility is the first thing to be addressed.

the second thing then becomes, providing better educated and well trained teachers, this includes re-educating and re-training the current teachers. the fact is every teacher should be UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR MATERIAL. these people spend the most time with our children, and have the biggest mental impact about education, its necessity, value, and possibilities. the more ignorant they are, the more acceptable it is in the minds of our children to be just as ignorant.

this would also include FORCING TEACHERS TO FOLLOW THE SAME DRESS CODES THAT THE CHILDREN ARE FORCED UNDER. more and more all schools are taking on dress codes, but the teachers are not forced to wear the same uniforms, and that goes against what is being established. this along with the constant UPDATING AND UPGRADING of the TEAHCERS EDUCATION and EDUCATIONAL METAERIALS TO TEACH FROM, are of extreme importance. our people will willfully spend billions of dollars a year to be entertained, but not for their children and themselves to be educated, and education must always be UPDATED AND UPGRADED, as the worlds never stops advancing.

YOUTH IS DEFINED BY ME AS THE PERIOD BETWEEN BIRTH and 30 years of age. forty being the dividing line of FULL ADULTHOOD, where there is NO YOUTHFUl IMMATURITY LEFT, except in the socially underdeveloped (menatlly retarded by arrested development). when I say mentally retarded I am not refering to the mentally handicapped (functionally challenged), I am refering to what is created by 10, 20, 30, 40 years of "POOR" and "MIS" educational processes, that leave the reciever (student, pupil) MENATLLY INFERIOR, and in the most childish and immature mind states possible in human existence.

I do not expect every man to be an einstein, but every man should be well versed in the laws of relativity, etc. the purpose of every STATE controlled school should be forced to focus SOLELY on LANGUAGE, POLITICS, ECONOMICS, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY and INDUSTRY. these are where EVERYONES FUTURES LAY.

and if someone wants to learn something else, then let there be private schools established which will be instituted solely for those purposes. but these five are the foundation of all REALISTIC NATIONAL EXISTENCE, and yet THEY ARE THE MOST LOOKED OVER, AND SHUNNED AWAY FROM PARTS OF THE SCHOOL CURRICULUM. and so the average "GRADUATE" has not really graduated (RAISED IN USEFUL INTELLECTUAL DEGREES) into SOCIETY on the whole, but has been DEGRADED and DEGENERATED, and left to FEND FOR THEMSELVES. which shows why so many people that come out of high schools, colleges, universities, have such a hard time usuefully intergrating into society. and that is a well known fact, there are many good waiters and waitresses with degrees.

it is a mistake to leave these important decisions of furthering their education in that which is MOST USEFUL for them, to be LEFT UP TO THE INDIVIDUAL AFTER THEY HAVE FINISHED 12 YEARS OF MISEDUCATION??? as what kind of decisions do we really excpect them to make with such POVERTY STRICKEN INTELLIGENCES??? if a man spends the first 20 years of his life in a hole, and then you tell him, you are now free to go whereever you want, where do you think you will find him the next morning, and every morning after that??? IN THE HOLE.

we as responsible adults know what our children need to BE USEFUL MEMBERS OF SOCIETY when they reach adulthood, so we must make these decisions for them early on in their educational process, by making sure the schools systems provide these basic HUMAN REQUIREMENTS (Holy Koran 23:8-13), instead of all the other things that they find no use for once they exit the system. hoping they will have looked past all of the ignorance they have been forced to remember, and make a good decision now. this is unrealisitic and irrational thinking.

and without these things we cannot COMPETE, we will only be servants to the affairs of other men. when you walked through those temple doors, you entered into the affairs of men, also called the affairs of nations. and as the servants of other nations we will become the unwilling direct and indirect constituents of their POWER STRUCTURE and its SUCCESS. by the compulsion of our own poor planning and imporper execution thereof.

ignorance compells its owner to act ignorantly, causing their word (calls, commands and communications) to go ignored by the powers that be.

any Cause (mission, operation and engagement) begins with a single major objective, with minor objectives established to reach it as efficiently and effectively as possible. it is this objective that will UNITE THE MEMBER WITH THE ORGANIZATION, THE ORGANIZATION WITH THE NATION, AND THE NATION WITH THE WHOLE RACE, making their DESTINY one DESTINY. thus in the original temple, members where also called "RACE MEN". not racist, but race men (and women), men that realized that they were members of an organization whose purpose was the BETTERNMENT OF THE RACE, thus the organization reopresented the BEST THE RACE HAD TO OFFER. as what elements of a race can be better than that part whose sole purpose is to uplift, better, unfold, advance and develop its SOVERIEGN SUPERIOR STATE OF EXISTENCE???

this supremacy is not about RACIAL SUPREMACY, where one race spends all of its time trying to ENSLAVE another race. this SUPREMACY is the realization that THE PURPOSE OF THE RACE is to BE SUPERIOR TO ANYWHRE IT HAS BEEN IN THE PAST. the main ideal is to be GREATER THAN IT IS NOW, AND GREATER THAN IT HAS EVER BEEN. to exceed all of its past success. as I am always pointing out, at one point in the races history, there was ONLY ASIATICS, and what was the goal then??? if all we are living for is to enslave others, then if there is only us, then we are living to make ourselves slaves. and this is INSANE (unrealistic and irrational).

the time when there was ONLY ASIATICS, is the time when our ancient forefathers founded CIVILIZATION and the DIVINE CREED OF ISLAM, and ISLAM has always taught of mans UNLIMITED POTENTIAL TO UNFOLD AND BECOME THE LORD OF SOUL AND MANIFEST. this is one of the ways it picked up the ancient name of "THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL", becuase ISLAM is as old as man himself. this predates even before the garb of manifest, as the SPIRIT was the LORD of the plane of SOUL BEFORE IT ENTERED INTO MANIFEST, re-read chapter one of the HOLY KORAN. this cuase of becoming the LORD OF SOUL, was all part of the religion of ISLAM; THE ONENESS OF ALLAH AND MAN, also called THE OMNIPOTENCE OF MAN, THE SPIRIT-MAN.

so our true RACIAL SUPREMACY is not man dominating man, but MAN (the race) DOMINATING THE UNIVERSE (plane of manifest), or as I simply say "MIND OVER MATTER AND THE NATION OVER NATURE". as man is mind, and according to the Holy Koran of Mecca, the sun, moon, stars, and earth have all been made subservient to man by ALLAH (swt).

this is the purpose of every member of the human race (family). the original fathers and mothers of civilization knew this, and founded ISLAMISM for our DIVINE AND EARTHLY SALVATION, to be taught to all of their children (Asiatic nations) universally. and this great truth is our COVENANT with our own blood. thus we are RACE-MEN and RACE-WOMEN, but we do not waste our time with the hate of racism, as its negativity absorbs too much positive energy and effort, that can, must and will be used STRICTLY for UPLIFTING FALLEN HUMANITY.

I do not want to be the best so I can beat someone else, I want to be the best because thats what I want for all of my people, THE BEST in everything and anything they do. and if all of the europeans (or anyone against us) all dissappeared off the face of the planet earth tonight, I WOULD STILL WANT US TO BE AND HAVE THE VERY BEST. as intelligence doesnt need a reason to advance, it advances because that is the nature of intelligence. so if you need a reason to do better, then you are not very intelligent. the intelligent among the "direct" and "indirect" constituents of our cause are the ones that I seek to live and work with.

advancing our intelligence, and intelligent advancement are the only good reasons to compete, with ourselves, and with others. and because our NATION REPRESENTS THIS TRUTH MANIFEST, if our nation dies, this great truth dies with it, at least for a time until we reincarnate, and this truth reincarnates with us. but time lost is time lost.

as they say IDLE HANDS ARE THE DEVILS PLAYGROUND, and when the truth is out of sight, it is out of mind, and the idle minds will do nothing but more and more devilishment. so by the time the cause reincarnates with us, the conditions of the human state will be that much worse, giving us that much more work to do, just to return to the state we are at now.

so our greatest competition, is not with physical man, but with his IGNORANCE. just as Jesus said at calvary, FORGIVE THEM FATHER FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO, to not know what your doing mans you are IGNORANT, and thus acting IGNORANTLY, it is IGNORANCE (insufficiency of knowledge) that caused them to do what they did to Jesus. so his greatest fight was not against their actions, but what caused those actions in the first place, you can force people to physically comply with the truth (outwardly), but until you educate them mentally and enlighten their psychologies, they will still be against it (inwardly).

the physical competition is only one step, not the whole journey.

our cause will unite the whole race under one vine and fig tree, meeting all challenges and adversity it faces as ONE PEOPLE, returning mans confidence, trust, faith, hope and love in himself and his brother man, and thus every single member becomes the constituent (substance, structure and support) of their own salvation.

and in this eternal competition of our pople, for their SOVREIGN AND SUPERIOR STATE OF EXISTENCE, it is a sad state of affairs, that most of todays POLITICIANS (government leadership) need to be POLICED. and even worse than that, is the fact that most of the people they have betrayed want to let them POLICE THEMSELVES, as if that is really going to solve the problem??? you dont let the wolves in sheeps clothing put on the shepherds garb, and think they will not continue to eat the sheep.

and even crazier than this is the fact that these poor leaders are the ones making our NATIONAL POLICIES. based on their agenda of fleecing the sheep.

so today "politically correct" means "POLITELY LIEING" to get what you want, instead of BEING AGGRESSIVE IN AQUIRING THE BEST TO FULFILL OUR PEOPLES NEEDS. the word "politician" is supposed to mean "FOR THE PEOPLE", and in the PERFECT SOCIETY it does. and thats exactly what this DIVINE SOCIETY (MDM/MSTA) is, a SOCIETY established for MANS SELF REDEMPTION, SALVATION and PERFECTION. this reveals the proper understanding of keys 15 and 16.

ALL THESE "ACTS" of congress, but no "ACTION", we dont know the people that are writing these bills, we dont know whos actually reading these bills, and we dont know who is enforcing them among the people and its representatives. HONESTLY. we are seeing no VISIBLE ACTION. they are like millions of tiny minnows floating beneath the BIG SHARKS, they are having no REAL EFFECT.

as I keep telling people, we need the ACTUALIZATION of our POWER, which this government is supposed to REPRESENT. but how can it represent my power to control my destiny, and all the conditions of life within this nation are against me??? whatever happened to the support structure called the "national government" that was established to be the greatest "INSTRUMENT" in my SUCCESS AND VICTORY over the destructive elements of nature that now run rampid in our society???

the foundation of any national governement anywhere is "WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO RULE OVER OURSELVES", this does not mean oppression or dictatorship, this is speaking of THE NATIONAL VICTORY OVER ALL THE ELEMENTS OF EXISTENCE, or again, as I say "the nation over nature". we are supposed to have formed this "UNION" for the purpose of having dominion over this natural territory (genesis 1:26-31), and so every and any condition or element that exist within it, is supposed to be under OUR CONTROL. wether its negative or positive, constructive or destructive, WE MUST CONTROL IT, if we want control over our lives.

and this is the issue, "SELF CONTROL" (REAL SOVEREIGNTY).

we dont need more and more "COUNCILS" and "COMMISSIONS" to observe (keep an eye on) what those who are already supposed to have SUPERIOR "SELF CONTROL". what we need is more "MORAL CONDUCT" before they ever make it to national leadership positions.

and this is the major problem, being a lawyer doesnt make one GOOD LEADERSHIP, an ethics class is not the same thing as a RIGHTEOUS UPBRINGING. there is no replacing the training of a moral civilization, culture or society.

these LAWYERS are expected to be MORAL LEADERS, when they are not taught to be such. and Im talking about in their LIFE-STYLE. so people are trying to figure out why these lawyers who become judges, then become mayors, councilmen, governors, and national representatives are so corrupt??? is it Washington D.C.??? no. its the fact that learning a bunch of laws in a classroom, does not make you RIGHTEOUS, or of a strong MORAL CHARACTER. it just doesnt.

the memorization of legal terms, supreme court decisions, the constitution and its amendments, etc has absolutlely nothing to do with any real VIRTUOS TRAINING OF THE INDIVIDUAL THEMSELVES. sitting in a classroom called "ethics" does not give you any, nor does it make you MORE RIGHTEOUS. and this is what we need in our LEADERSHIP, not just a bunch of legal jargon.

the fact is, from day one, most lawyers are taught how to manipulate the law, how to tell legal lies, how to bend the rules just enough, how to get around this or that, what can and cant be done, and how to DEFEND THE GUILTY. not that everyone doesnt deserve a fair trail, but these LAWYERS, that we are putting so must trust in, are taught ALL THE MOST DISTRUSTFUL methods from their beginnings in law.

even those that have not gone through any LAW SCHOOL, tend to see learning the LAW as a means of LEGALLY getting out of doing what is right, not to actually improve their lives, especially their own MORALITY.

now that is not to say there arent the rare few that are MORAL before they enter into law, and dont continue along that path, obviously there are. but our LEGAL SYSTEM and SCHOOLING on a whole is not geared to making MEN OF SUPERIOR VIRTUOUSNESS, MORALITY, RIGHTEOUSNESS, and JUSTICE.

so why do we allow this process to continue??? why do we continue to run to the polls and elect the most popular hyena in the pack??? history has proven over and over that simply studying and later practicing the legal profession has not produced the PATRIARCHS of our MORAL PROGRESS. and without HIGH ETHICAL STANDARDS we dont have a CIVILIZATION, all we have is organized mass confusion. under the psychology of "do whatever you want, as long as you think you can get away with it". a pure democracy.

popularity and publicity are not intelligent qualifiers for representatives of the people.

this is the point of this issue, "NATIONAL INTEGRITY" of our leadership.

its a sad state of affairs when we need "REFORMS" for our supreme form, the national government. and this is not simply refering to the MSTA, the USA, or any other government, BUT GOVERNMENT AS A WHOLE. as every government of "MAN" today suffers from the problems. and we have the RIGHT in every single STRUCTURE we establish and institute for our SECURITY, and SUPPORT to have the MOST QUALIFIED, THE MOST EFFECTIVE, THE MOST SUCCESSFUL representatives in leadership.

all human government must be superior government, meaning an instrument, tool and utility to make its citizens the members of a civilization thats SUPERIOR to all those before it. and this is the only true purpose of all GOVERNEMENT, international, national, state, municipal, public and private.

so the reformation we as Moorish Americans must undergo for our own government, doesnt just end at the borders of our religious corporation, the state and national governements it is a part and partial of, it reaches to the four corners of the world, and every nation in it - equally and universally. what I call for here, I call for everywhere. that is what "the Divine covenant of the Asiatic nations" represents. I want for all people what I want for my own, and thus I want to see them within the jurisdiction of the same SUPERIOR GOVERNMENT STANDARDS as I want to see my own under.

the very word GOVERN comes from the root word "KYBURNOS" a rudder, the part used to guide. thats what the GOVERNEMENT IS, that which the SOVEREIGN AND SUPREME WILL of the people directs the course of its life. and that direction must be in one accord with Mans evolution and unfoldment unto PERFECTION OF HIS KIND. that is the underlying principle that must guide all national leaders, that is necessary for the REDEMPTION, SALVATION and PERFECTION of MAN.

this must be the determining factor for ALL FUTURE DECISIONS WE MAKE. we must hold oursleves responsible for ELECTING, VOTING FOR, NOMINATING, VESTING, etc anyone with our POWER OF REPRESENTATION, for the ENACTMENT and ENFORCEMENT of the laws neccessary to turn our POWER into our ACTUALITY.

this is our "MORAL COMMITMENT" (what we will accept, and allow) to the NATION and its STATE (national governement).

the fight against poor morality, begins with its counterpart, the fight against crime, as they both have the same root and origins. so to fight crime, we must fight that which produces it, "POVERTY", poor living conditions, poor education, poor social unity, poor leadership, etc. this begins not by fighting the poor, but fighting everything that made them poor, and keeps them in that state. POVERTY STRICKEN CONDITIONS are the worst enemy to the inner stability of any society, culture, civilization or government.

this same fight will also set the foundation for fighting the future production of all poor leadership. better universal education, better universal access to information, better universal nationalistic propaganda, better universal economic development, better universal social unification, 100% EQUALLY across the entire nation will only breed better universal leadership. then men and women will be proud to not only live in, but give their lives to SUPPORT THAT STRUCTURE WHICH SUPPORTS THEM, and their Upliftment, Betterment, Unfoldment, Advancement, Development, Improvement and Impowerment. that is only natural.

it is only intelligent for people to resist the government that resist their growth, and the full expression of their potential and possibilities. as "SELF PRESERVATION" is the most fundamental law of nature. and wether a governments leadership wants to recognize it or not, the wealth and greatest natural resources of any nation is its PEOPLE. the stronger the individual persons, the stronger the nation, and the stronger their STATE.

so everything a leader says and does must EMPOWER YOU, THE INDIVIDUAL PERSON. as his power and authority is DERIVED FROM YOU, as a national leader, for without you, there is no him. a national leader cannot exist without the NATION. no matter what he looks to, to regulate his power, and delegate his authority, wether it is a constitution or a scripture. they are all meaningless WITHOUT THE PEOPLE that will enforce his executive decisions. WITHOUT THE PEOPLE, he is but a man with a fancy name that he must recite to himself over and over to reconfirm it within his own mind. but a national leader over a nation of billions, is powerful indeed.

just as the nation draws strength from its leaderships guidance, its leadership draws strength from the nations will.

and that has also been one of the problems with the LAWYER and CLIENT relationship, the lawyer only represents the client INTELLECTUALLY, because the individiaul does not know the LAW like the lawyer, for if they did they wouldnt need the lawyer. but in this relationship, the LAWYER does not NEED TO BE OF THE SAME MORAL STANDARD of the one they are representing. so actual morality and representation become astranged. and even though this makes sense in a court room, this does not make sense in the halls of national assembly, where the representative is supposed to be a "PEER" (including the ethics and morality) of their constitutents (members, citizens, followers, etc).

so the time spent in law, actually breeds a mentality of separation of personal morality from the national morality one is supposed to be representing.

and thus the people are only being represented in APPEARANCE, not in reality. and thus their powers cannot be ACTUALIZED. and this is not to say lawyers cannot make just as qualified leadership as anyone else, but we must stop having these automatic misgivings of what makes STRONG NATIONAL LEADERSHIP. and then we must take the necessary steps to produce that which we say we really want in the future. or else the past will continue to recycle itself, and each time it will only get progressively worse.

unfortunately, within our own organization, over 70 years ago many unqaulified persons gained national leadership positions, in very corrupt manners, and to secure their leadership they put those equally unqualified to support them. and this became a continuous cycle of degenration, to the point where the worst characteristics and personalities are glorified, and the best qualities are treated shamefully on a mass scale.

if this is not reversed, we will forfeit our own redemption. and wether most of you believe it or not, we are not very far from that state.

even in the light of what made the PROPHET successful, what made marcus garvey successful, what made elijah muhammad successful, what made all kinds of asiatic and islamic organizations in america successful, we have not taken to IMTIATING THOSE NECESSARY QUALITIES FOR OUR OWN SUCCESS. today asiatics of all walks of life, creeds, etc. are economically and poilitcally successful, and some of the top leaders in this nations governement, yet we have not seized any of these opportunities for ourselves.


we are coming up with every excuse for our poor execution, instead of exercising the most effective and efficient actions for our ascension.

without the proper SUPPORT, of the leadership for the members, and the memebrs for the leadership, the lion (rich and rulers) and the lamb (poor and working) will not be able to lay down and wake up in the morning without either one being harmed. and if our LION and LAMB are harmed, how can they defend us from the lions and lambs of other nations (asiatic or european)???

we must have INNER SUPPORTIVENESS and OUTER COMPETITIVENESS, and we must learn to ADVANCE those LIONS that give the most support to the ADVANCEMENT of the whole PEOPLE, NATION, and RACE (LAMBS). those are the best INDIVIDUAL PSYCHOLOGIES, as this is the only good internal competition between members, the competition to IMPORVE and EMPOWER ALL. and this is one of the main purposes of UNIFORMITY (unity of form).

the idea of UNIFROMITY is not to do away with indiviuality, but to do away with individualism. the individual soldier is really PROVEN by the stripes he wears, because they shows his personal level of compitency by achievements for the WHOLE, reflected by his ADVANCEMENT thru the ranks. a man is not a good man becuase of how he wears his hair, his clothes, or his jewelry. he is proven a good man by HOW WELL HE UTILIZES HIS ABLITILIES TO ACCOMPLISH HIS GOALS, for his and his peoples benefit.

and so infact, UNIFORMITY actually gives the individual the true opportunity to PROVE HIMSELF. by setting a standard for the member to advance past the points that those who are also of the same goal and purpose have reached. when everyone is strictly for themsleves, and whatever goals they deisre at that moment, their can be no measurements of success or failure. so democracy and liberalism ar actually detrimental to national progress. and this is why the HOLY KORAN OF MECCA tells us that the GREAT GOD ALLAH (swt), formed men into nations so that they may know eachother. this is also proven by the fact that in situations where POPLE can do whatever they want whenever they want, and are a part of NO ORGANIZATION, there lives are usually the most SAVAGE (SELFISH and SELF CENTERED).

instead, what we need is the self discipline of a MILITARY STRUCTURED GOVERNMENT. this will also do away with our nations enemies, which are the natural enemies of all government;

the three greatest enemies (psychologies) of the nation are;




just as every other nation of the Earth, the MOORISH NATION WILL ALWAYS BE AS STRONG OR AS WEAK AS ITS VANGAURD (executive leadership structuring). if the vangaurd is mighty, then so will the nation be, and if the vangaurd is ALMIGHTY than so will the nation be. and if the vangaurd is frail, indecisive and ineffective, then the MOVEMENT WILL NOT LAST THRU THE NIGHT. and if the military portion itself is strong, but the government that conducts and controls it is weak and undisciplined, it will still be ineffective and inefficient.

this is not to say that the military portion should govern the nation, but the government must be as thorough and disciplined as the military, this is one of the greatest problems that the american national government suffers from today, they cant trust their own leaders. but this is because they are not forced into an EXTREMELY DISCIPLINED STRUCTURED ENVIROMENT. and lets be honest, if the halls of CONGRESS were run in the same manner as a marine corps boot camp, would we have as much problems with our political leaders as we do today??? NO.

a more military styled government would immediately alleviate many problems. if the leaders of this national government had a military structure of command, code of conduct, and system of reward and punishment, with a constant emphasis on OBEDIENCE TO LAW AND ORDERS, this would improve congress, and strengthen the legislative and executive branches, thus making the entire nation stronger. ask anyone that has ever been in the military, or any true and faithful moslem, for they both live according to the same PRINCIPLES to LEADERSHIP (ALLAH, and his PROPHETS), LAWS (scripture) and GOVERNMENT (the Islamic community), OBEDIENCE to AUTHORITY, etc.

so the VANGAURD (SHEIKS, ADEPTS, MINSITERS, MISSIONARIES) of this movement must be DESIRED, DETERMINED, DEDICATED, DEVOTED and DRIVEN for, by, and to THE GREATNESS OF THE MOORISH AMERICAN NATION. all true Moorish leaders are the first lines of the vanguard of this movement.

and thus in a symbolic sense, the greatest purpose of all moorish leadership is to achieve a "superior disciplined/militant force". as this is the greatst tool to taking control of ones destiny.

when the average person thinks of the MILITARY, they think of using force to PHYSICALLY CONTROL a situation. but those that know, think of DISCIPLINE, and with INTERNAL/SELF DISCIPLINE every member becomes a UNIFIED FORCE FOR THE CONTROLLING OF THE NATIONS DETSINY. infact, the word MILITARY comes from "MILIS", the latin word for SOLDIER. and every Moslem is a SOLDIER, strengthening himself through all adversity, opposition, resistance, and aggressions, just as HOLY KORAN CHAPTER ONE tells us about those with the mental discipline and physical endurance becoming the STRENGTH OF ALLAH MADE MANIFEST.

so the entire movement must have a "MILITANT" (DISCIPLINED) mindstate.

and this begins by making the proper preparation for "CONFLICT", especially during "PEACE TIME". because not only surviving, but being extrmely successful in a competition is what will take a nation from the bottom of the list to the top of it. it is how well you can perform during adversity that determines YOUR FUTURE. and the intelligent man and woman knows that in the CONFLICT of carnal evolution (the cares of the world), the KEY WORDS are STRONGER, FASTER, SMARTER, FARTHER, HARDER, BIGGER, RICHER, LARGER, etc.

ALL TERMS COVERED BY THE ONE UNIVERSAL TERM, "BETTER". we must always be BETTER. this is our greatest strength.

and only those that wish to see your nation weak and unable TO DEFEND ITSELF, will be against the organizations set by the nation to defend it. if a school is brought together to ADVANCE THE MINDS OF THE PEOPLE, only someone that wants them ignorant will oppose it. if a disciplined competitive force is raised from that nation, only those that want to defeat them will oppose them. a NATION ADVANCING its competitive (offensive and defensive) capabilities is only a threat to its OPPOSITION, and thats who will be against them. the same goes for everything else a NATION organizes for its own benefits. and as every nation in the world has developed NATIONAL FORCES for these very same reasons, the Moorish American Nation must also have its own NATIONAL FORCE (formed from its Vangaurd);

1. national military forces

2. national security forces

3. local police forces

4. local temple security forces

5. special security forces

and as moslems, our purpose for competition, is not DESTRUCTION, but CONSTRUCTION. thus we must also make it our sacred duty to establish peace with those that want it with us, and help those fighting for peace where they are. in this way, "peace" will be realized all across the globe. but you cannot have peace with those that do not want it with you, or those that do not have it themselves. this is the kind of things we must look for when making our alliances with others, this will greatly determine who is good for us to SOLIDIFY with, to CONSOLIDATE with, and to COOPERATE, and who is or will be resistance to our cause.

in this manner we must dedicate at least 75% of our time on proper defense and positioning, and the other 25% on accurate (effective and efficient) offensives, strategically aimed at victory in all competitions, challenges and conditions.

this includes fighting the same "OPPRESSION" (OB-PREMERE, PRESS) we face here, whereever else that it exist. as there are no acceptable qualifications for our people (ASIATICS) to be under any OPPRESSORS, no matter what their national or racial background is. on all national and international levels, THE DUTY OF THOSE REVEALING THE LIGHT OF TRUTH, IS TO USE IT TO REVEAL THE REVEALER IN ALL MEN, THUS MULITPLYING THE REVELATION. the work of our Moorish government is to turn every Asiatic national in every Asiatic nation into the fullest fruition of the highest national ideal. this is also a fulfilment of the NEW JERUSALEM in the book of revelations (chapters 19-22). to rid the nations of the world of ignorant, illiterate, inferior, immature and incompetent leadership, replacing them with THE GUIDERS raised in our SUPERIOR SCHOOLS OF THOUGHT.

where they will learn the best means and methods for ADVANCING THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT through and for the 1. political parties, 2. industrial class, 3. military groups, 4. agricultural groups, and 5. broad masses of citizens. and with this SUPERIOR THINKING, TEACHING, TRAINING, TECHNOLOGY and TRADE, our divine movement will become the umbrella that all progressive civilization is carried out under by all asiatic organizations universally. as all positive reformation and transformation begins with progressive information. unlike the modern legal definition, for US, the word POSITIVE MEANS PROGRESSIVE.

the religion of ISLAM was founded for this principle, just as other social prinicples have swept across the face of the planet over the last couple of centuries, especially from the european nations. but when you look at all of the idealogies of socialism, communism, capitolism, etc. they are all names that describe peoples theories about the peoples work conditions, but not the actual people themselves, this is the difference of ISLAM, we know what kind of person a MOSLEM is, because a moslems whole life is strictly lived for righteouesness, virtuousness, morality and justice, which forms his character (Holy Koran chapters 6-12).

while being called a socialist, communist, or capitolist only describes a prsons beliefs concerning the national control of the means of labor. but the human being is more than his labor output and who controls it, man is mind and a thought of ALLAH.

and so, I personally see only two classes of citizens, I see the NATIONAL and the ANTI-NATIONAL, the difference is the NATIONALS are working to make the entire nation better, and the ANTI-NATIONALS (counternationals) are working to keep themselves rich and rulers, and the rest of the nation poor and enslaved.

I know there will never be a time when everyone has the exact same amount of money, just like there will never be a time when every single person is the leader of the nation. but the difference between nationals and anti-nationals, is that the nationals treat all members of the nation with the equal respect deserving all men, and the anti-nationals treat their national brothers and sisters like SLAVES MADE TO ORDER.

you are either for the nation as a whole or you are not. I dont care what financial bracket of the nation you belong to. the eternal struggle is between those advancing the nation and those arresting its development. and this will become an even greater issue when it is realized that the entire asiatic race is now and has always really been ONE NATION (CANAAN), separated into many smaller government corporations that have only arrested its development as a UNITED GLOBAL STATE (ASIA).

the united states of america is nothing in comparison to a UNITED STATE OF EARTH, the original "ADAM" (ancient Canaanite) corporation of genesis 1:26-2:4. the hebrew word for "host" most directly means ARMY, MILITARY GROUP, but indirectly is used for the TRIBES OF A NATION, as in the "host of Israel". thus the HOST of the ADAM mentioned in genesis 2:1 are the tribes of that ONE NATION, the ONLY TRUE NATION ACROSS THE GLOBE (Holy Koran 25, 35 and 45). and the nature of man is to return to that original state, and then surpass it.

the Asiatic nationals are the successor of that original state, and will be the ones to succeed in exceeding its limitations and boundaries.

the great reformation work of construction, must begin with a revolutionary instruction. this is the foundation of our Divine mission, ministry and movement for our salvation.

as when we work not for ourselves but the people, then the peoples (nations) enemy is our enemy, and our enemy is the peoples enemy. we must fight those that attack us, and those that attack our people. those that attack us is considered a direct attack (antagonistic aggression), and those that attack our people is considered an indirect attack (non-antagonistic aggression), but we must face both directly, with the sole purpose of ending their aggression as efficiently and effectively as possible.

we must remove all aggression, opposition, resistance, adversity and contradiction to the prinicples of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice in every nation of the world universally. as that which continues to affect any Asiatic Nation affects us in one form or another. we are all responsible for eachother. as a MOSLEM you are your brothers keeper.

so all across the planet we must seek;

1. the reformation of our races governmental structures and administrations.

2. the rectification of our races national and international policies.

3. the revolution of our races world view, national perspectives, and individual thinking.

4. the resurrection of our races will power to survive and succeed.



we need strong mental force to remove ignorance and illusion, strong physical force to remove sickness and disease, strong spiritual force to remove immorality and wikidness, strong political force to remove oppression and injustice, strong material force to remove opposition and adversity, and strong financial force to remove poverty and starvation.

one of the biggest problems with the word FORCE is that most have been thoroughly led to think of VIOLENCE when they hear the word. but the fact is force is the effect of two bodies of matter upon eachother. and thus is more likened to CONTROL, INFLUENCE, CAUSING AN EFFECT, ETC. so there are mnay different types of forces, powers, and works. and it is our knowledge and proper application of that knowledge, that will lead to our victories.

the force, power and work of ECONOMICS is an absolutle necessity today, and so any nation that plans to exist in the future, especially at a sovereign and superior level must establish a financial dominion across the planet, if we are to be the dictators of our future and not dictated to. we alone must make and marr our fortune. it is the national treasury and industry that place a nation into the three "WORLD" categories. and this is very important, especially when today everyone is talking about being "SOVEREIGN", but dont have two dollars more today then they did yesterday, and are not going about our sovereignty in a relaistic fashion, as NO PEICE OF PAPER with our name written on it, equals a NATIONAL MILITARY FORCE, NATIONAL GOVERNMENT BODY OF POWER, A NATIONAL TREASURY, etc.

son if we are serious, then these are things we must have, and we must go the proper routes to achieve them, the same routes that all the nations before us had to take.

and everytime I use the word "MUST", the wise minded see the word "WILL", because we will do whatever we must to fulfill all the neccessities of our nation, and its sovereign and superior state of existence. and it will be done rationally and realistically according to the laws that govern all nations. not by trying to get over, or get by.

we must return to this SOVREIGN AND SUPERIOR NATIONAL SPIRIT, as our spirit produces our psychology, our psychology produces our philosophy, our philosophy produces our morality, and our morlaity produces our policies (national and international actions). from these we enact and enforce all the laws that govern our existence, according to what we see as being in accordance with the ETERNAL LAW OF ALLAHS WILL MADE MANIFEST. thus the entire nation becomes the "thought of ALLAH", with one united and universal will for perfection.

true politics is the perpetual enactment and enforcement of progressive government policies and laws for the benefit and betterment of the people (population, public). not to be castrated by politicians or raped by their police. the word politic stems from "POLIS" meaning "CITY", and thus politics is the theory and practice of BETTERMENT (self improvement and empowerment) thru CITIZENSHIP. this is why the politicians are chosen by the people as their representatives.

and do not fall for the lie against "CAPITALISM" (which is not the same thing as materialism), as all national governments are CORPORATIONS, and all corporations are about raising CAPITAL, its how that capital is applied in, for, and by the nation that is the determining factor for the nations success or failure. the whole idea of communism, socialism, marxism, leninism, etc. are all "UTOPIAS" in the fact that they are trying to eventually do away with the STRONGER ELEMENTS OF MAN IN EVERY NATION, and there will always be the opposites of stronger and weaker on this plane of existence.

the real struggle is not the poor "against" the wealthy, it is the struggle of the poor to "become" wealthy, and then MAINTAIN that wealth for as long a duration of time as possible. and just as the now wealthy were once poor, they struggle to maintain their financial independence. WEALTH AND REAL ESTATE are the keys to a better physical life on this planet, this has been the case for millineum and will never change. the sun, moon, stars and earth were made subservient to man so we must learn to use the material for our physical improvement and empowerment, the mental for our intellectual imporvement and empowerment, the spiritual for our personal improvement and empowerment, etc. as this is only intelligent (rational and realisitic). we cannot fight reality and win.

in this reality some of the above labor philosophies have seen INTERNATIONALIZATION (globalization) of a NATION as the continuation of materialism (which they falsely call capitalism), which they use to denote a nations "greed" (for material stock piling with no purpose of benefit or betterment), but I see it as the UNIVERSALITY OF A UNIFIED PARADIGM UNITING ALL ASIATIC NATIONS, economically, socially, politically, religiously, educationally, technologically, etc.

the differences between these ideas being;

1. INTERNATIONALIZATION (globalization) - when a national government (or corporation) opens itself up for business with all the other nations around the world. just as china and japan finally becam involved in the global markets after centuries of closing themselves off from the rest of the world.

2. COLONIALISM (imperialism) - when a national government, travles around the world setting up foreign jurisdictions in other peoples territories, for the purpose of EXPLOITING their natural resources, ansd bleeding them dry. colonialism is outsiders trying to dominate your country, and fuedalism is the powers in your country fighting eachother for control. the MSTA suffers from "FEUDALISM" (INFIGHTING). feud - "FAH" (hostile) - fight, foe. where the LORD and his SERVANTS, fight with the other LORDS and their SERVANTS.

3. CAPITALISM - the means and methods of aquiring and distributing capital. which ha been the way of every national government since the very beginning, and even the PROPHET stated that we are nothing as a nation without a national treasury, as it takes finance to uplift a nation. so for anyone to come along in the 1800s, 1900s, or 2000s and have a social philosophy against "capital" and its auqisition and dsitribution for the benfit and betterment of the nation (capitalism) is FOOLISH.

4. MATERIALISM - this is what they are really trying to say that they are against, THE UNECCESSARY HORDING OF MATERIALS OF NO VALUE OR WORTH. like people spending all of their money on 1000 dollar car rims so they can look good, but not paying their rent or bills. or wsting tons upon toins upon tons of edible foods just to say they could, while the homeless starve to death. materialism is our greatest threat, not finance. when our financial instituions are run by MATERIALISTIC (selfish/anti-national) PEOPLE we have a problem.

the question of these other phislosophies is always PURELY MATERIALISTIC, about the conditions and treatment of the worker and the percentages of the profits recieved from the products their labor produced, but never to how the products themselves benefit or destroy the people that appropriate them.

who really cares how the makers of cigarettes are treated???

meaning their must become a widespread consideration of what we are producing as much as the means at which they are being produced, and how the producers are treated. but this MORAL QUESTION is always ignored based on the MATERIALISTIC need to make more money, to waste on more unneccessary materials, that are more destructive than constructive for the individiual and the whole national society. and as long as the morla issue is ignored, OUR FUTURE IS BEING IGNORED, becuase that is the MAIN MORAL QUSTION AND STANDARD OF GOVERNMENT, the future of the nation.

this brings into question the REALITY of GOOD CAPITALISM (INDUSTRIAL BUSINESSS) VS BAD CAPITALISM (MATERIALISTIC BUSINESS). all capitalism is not EXPLOITIVE, so I have made a two point category of corporate reformation;



there are corporations that produce PRO-HUMAN (national/racial) PRODUCTS and there are corporations that produce ANTI-HUMAN products. we must first do away with those that dstroy the greatest resource of the nation, its people. all products thats are BIOLOGICAL HAZARDS, that cause cancer, and other diseases in the human body, including the disease of ADDICTION, must be STOPPED ALL TOGETHER. how can we morally allow the production of any POISONOUS MATERIALS FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. the health of the NATION is of utmost importance, and should be taken with the highest regards. this country allows its people to murder itself slowly but surely. and there is just no national benefit or betterment in that ignorance.

now I know many might say that this is taking away from the peoples right to choose for themselves, but thats not true, lest look at cigarrettes for a moment.

if a person really want to inhale smoke, they can put a bunch of garbage in their garbage can , then set it on fire, and they can breath in all the smoke fumes they want. and as they say one of the active ingredients of cigarrettes isn insecticide, the person choosing this, can go get a can of raid and stick it in their mouth and suck up as much as they can. this may sound ridiculous, but its what thy are already doing. it just isnt in a pretty pacjkage with bautiful women on the covers, telling them how important it makes them look.

and if this is ridiuclous, then why should the government give any company, corporation or conglomeration the LEGAL RIGHT to PRODUCE or SELL this ridiculousness, which only ends up with THE CHOOSERS DEATH. the GOVERNMENT has the right to choose NOT TO SUPPORT these actions by its citizens. and this way, those that choose to breath in smoke, and suck in insecticides will have to openly do it, and will suffer the actions of their ILLEGAL ACTS, if they live long enough to do so. as we will not send thme any ambulances because that would be interfering with their RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHAT THEY DID TO THEMSELVES, and the consequences thereof.

but they dont want to hear that right????

then we must also begin to look at the relationship between the worker and the owner, and the percentages of profit from product sales that are neccessary for better existence. there must be more fairness between the owners percentages of profit off of products sold, and the workers percentages of profit from the products sold. some people own a business where they buy a product wholesale for ten cents, then sell it retail for ten dollars, and then give the employee that sold it, twenty cents of that ten dollars (if that much). and thats unrealistic and irrational. it might sound good to the business owner, but it leaves the workers in POVERTY STRICKEN CONDITIONS, without the ability to start their own businesses, or at least earn a decent living for their families. while the owners are simply getting richer and richer, and this was called SLAVERY a hundred years ago. of course all things must be considered, as far as cost and expenses, but morally WE MUST MAKE THINGS FAIRER FOR THE WORKERS, which will only improve the owner-worker relationship. because it now really becomes "THEIR" business, and not just the owners.

one example I like to use for giving workers a PERCENTAGE of the daily earnings, over a set hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly salary is the bees.

when bees find food, they each take a small percentage of what has been found as they pass it along until it reaches inside the actual hive where it is used to feed the children. each bee has taken a small percentage, thats why they dont stop for LUNCHBREAKS, and neither do the ants.

and if these percenatges, and amount of persons allowed to work for a business according to its "DAILY BREAD" aquired, where governeed by the government, it would give each worker that much more to work for. the strange thing is, some governments will penalize the workers with such laws, dealing with how many children a family can have depending upon their income, and the national budget, but will not penalize the owners of the businesses that give them so little of what they actually deserve for their labors. even drug dealers recieve percentages of the profit. so can we really say that insects and drug dealers have more sense than the government itself???

these aren two of many work related issues that must be sol ved in the very near future. and when solving these problems we must make sure not to confuse mans value in physical labor with his value to the nation.

the more hours a man spends laboring in a factory is not his sole or even his most important value to the nation, unless that is his chosen field of skill, ability and expertise. MAN IS MIND, the mind is always thinking, it is always problem solving, it is always seeking out greater truths, etc. we must remember what substance and material man is made from, and that which will fully unfold his highest attributes, potentials and possibilities. this is not to say "WORKING" (physical labor) is not of extreme importance, but it is not the most important part of what makes a man a man, and the unfolding of mans absolute reality is the ultimate purpose of human government. the false idea that how much WORK or WEALTH a man produces the more of a man he is, but that is not a fact, MANHOOD IS BASED UPON CHARACTER, PERSONALITY, etc.

just because a man has procuced a million objects, or raised millions of dollars does not make him a just, righteous, moral or virtuous man, it doesnt even mean that he has an ADULT PSYCHOLOGY, and this definitely does not make him a PILLAR OF SOCIETY, a role model, etc.

to make mans full value and worth based upon the subjects of his labor, is to continue to place his manhood in objects OUTSIDE OF HIMSELF., and thus continues to alienate his humanity (manhood) from himself, just as the modern slave-making religions have been doing over the last 2000 years. and you cannot replace one slave making process with another slave making process and call it freedom, nor wonder why the people always end up in slavery and thus end up REVOLTING AGAINST THE SYSTEM OF ITS OPPRESSION (inner or outer).

this is why I have stated and continue to state, that as man is mind and a thought of ALLAH (swt), his greatest virtue is his intelligence, and his greatest vice is his ignorance.

as intelligent thinking produces intelligent actions, and intelligent actions are called "CIVILIZED BEHAVIOUR". this civilized bahaviour is what is seen in all of the TOP MEMBERS OF ANY NATIONAL GOVERNMENT (at least publically), its aristocracy.

the first thing we must do is stop the falsehood being called "ARISTOCRACY" today. as this word does not neccessitate being RICH, nor already being in a LEADERSHIP position. the word "ARISTOS" means the "VERY BEST", and having wealth or a title does not make you the BEST to LEAD a NATION. this is proven by the abundance of poor leadership that has been elected into office by the ignorant masses that voted for them becuase they were already wealthy, already had been elected into some other position of prominence, or were just the most popular candidate. and they are elected with the mighty prayer of WE HOPE THEY CAN DO BETTER THAN THOSE BEFORE THEM. but this is not good enough. a true ARISTOCRACY is where the very best of the LEADERSHIP MATERIAL IN THE NATION was chosen, nominated and elected into office.

we need REAL NATURAL BORN LEADERS IN OUR LEADERSHIP POSITIONS. those that have the greatest views of our nations future, the strength of will to manifest them, and the superior ability in motivating and mobilizing the masses. so the true intention of an ARISTOCRACY is to be REPRESENTED BY THE VERY BEST LEADERSHIP MATERIAL FROM AMONG THE MEMBERS OF THE NATION. whos sole duty, obligation and purpose is to raise us into "BETTER MEN AND WOMEN" of our SOVEREIGN AND SUPERIOR STATE.. thus aristos is literally THE BEST MAN FOR THE JOB, not just the lesser of two or three evils. this is the very method that has been used for centuries to elect the "IMAMs" of the DIVINE SOCIETIES AND COMMUNITIES OF ISLAM, the best man leads.

so one of the things I have never supported is "MAJORITY RULE", I have always promoted "INTELLIGENT RULE", the greater the intelligence, the more right it has to make the INTELLIGENT decisions concerning the future of the NATION and its NATIONAL GOVERNMENT. majority rule is another form of democracy, as the people who all want to do whatever they want to do have come together to make it sound LEGAL, and thus OFFICIAL and AUTHORITATIVE. but IGNORANCE is IGNORANCE, thus the same stuipidty that made them forfeit their salvation can be found in everyone doing whatever they want to do whenever they want to do it, with no concern or consdieration for the whole nation and race.

this is the same poor thinking that will make them think their ignorance has somehow become intelligent because they OUT NUMBER THOSE WITH THE INTELLIGENCE TO SEE THE MISTAKE THEY ARE MAKING, this is only more folly.

THE MAJORITY and THE MINORITY both must be lead by the MOST INTELLIGENT PEOPLE, period. thats why I promote a truly "ARISTOCRATIC" theory (spirit, psychology, philosophy, morality and policy) for goverment, not aristocratic in the sense of who has the most wealth and popularity, but in the sense of THE VERY BEST MEN AND WOMEN TO DO THE MOST EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT JOB OF SAVING THE NATION, this is the very reason we FOLLOW THE PROPHET (OUR SUPREME HEAD and GRAND RULER, pbuh) IN THE FIRST PLACE. it wasnt because we thought he dressed better than everyone else, nor because he was the most popular person previous to announcing his prophethood, nor because he was extremely wealthy. it is because HIS INTELLIGENCE WAS GREATER THAN 99.9% OF ALL THOSE AROUND HIM, HAVING BEEN EXALTED (divinely prepared, john 3:5) IN KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING BY THE SUPREME WISDOM OF THE GREAT GOD, ALLAH (swt). why should things be any different today, why should we expect any less from our national leaders???

there is only room for the very best at the PINNACLES OF WISDOM, and we judge men not by flesh and blood, but by SPIRIT, which manifest itself in INTELLIGENCE, COURAGE, NOBILITY, etc., our leaders must first and foremost be the most RIGHTEOUS, MORAL, VIRTUOUS and JUST members of our NATION, this coupled with a superior intelligence, experience and understanding is the root and foundation of the good shepherds of our national fortunes.

progressive advancement, growth and expansion will only be lead by those with the greatest human insight, international forsight, world views, national vision and social perspective.

and even the best will have to constantly be repalced by those that are better qualified as time goes on, removing from our people all mental, physical and spiritual slavery and their attributes of ignorance, illiteracy, inferiority, immaturity and incompetence. allowing the eternal and omnipotent spirit within every Free National to speak boldly through all of their thoughts, deeds and actions. the still small voice of our victory within the individual will be magnified into one MIGHTY THOUGHT manifested in a thunderous roar of a unified movment. and in this we will also remove all veils of opposition and covers of oppression, with our superior intelligence guiding our omnipotent force of UNITY.

the mass of people gives our nation material substance, and the multitudes of citizens multiplies our national strength. when it comes to physical matter, quantity of mass determines quality of effect, so the strength of our nation will come from the number of its nationals, those actually loyal to it in their every thought, deed and action. and the quality of the leadership, will become the quality of the membership. thus the nations strength will be used to improve and empower it further.

as when we look at the world today, how many organizations are not really organized??? how many corporations are lacking in inner cooperation between its members??? how many self destructive structures are there??? can any of these have any real and lasting force or power??? NO.

the appearance of structure from a coalition (cooperation of separate individuals) will never be as strong as the reality of a solidified and consolidated body. we must establish our unity upon that which is PERMANENT. temporary associations and alliances actually do more damage to us than not, not as far as immediate gains, but as far as any far reaching progress. ENDURANCE AND LONGEVITY ARE THE UTMOST CONSIDERATIONS OF VALUE, WORTH and QUALITY WHEN SEEKING UNITY, THE UNIFICATION OF MANY INTO ONE.

let me give further insight into what I mean when I say;

1. SOLDIFIED - refers to one single state, like the state of israel is one single independent state.

2. CONSOLIDATED - refers to a group of united states with one centralized government body, like the U.S.A., and because of this centralized body, they still act as one.

3. COALITION - refers to a group of states, like in a confederacy, where their is a council formed to communicate with eachother, and organize their industries. but the council has absoluetlely no power, and each state is completely independent and can do whatever they want. most coalitions are knowingly formed strictly for TEMPORARY periods of time.

4. COOPERATION - refers to groups trading among eachother, to make profits from their goods and services, and nothing more.

and it is because of these issues that I am adamantly for OUR INNER SOLDIIFICATION AND OUTER CONSOLIDATION and against forming coalitions unless absoluetley necessary. realizing that cooperation bwetwen separate bodies will always be needed for as long as separate bodies exist. but coalitions are doomed to fail (separate) because if all the people involved with a UNION dont want to see it succeed, it will not. this is a law of nature that all nations are under.

in the same way, only when all members of a nation are nationals is its success gauranteed. when the greatest mass of its people are for its victory, the whole nation will move in one direction; FORWARD.

such are the ideals of a MOORISH DIVINE MOVEMENT OF THE WORLD establishing Moorish Science Temples on every continent and in every nation, this is also INTERNATIONALISM (globalization). I call this form of international hegemony "PAN-ASIATIC-ISM", the global uniting of asia, with the specific program to solidify and consolidate all asiatic nations into one quadri-continental super-state, made bewteen Asia (Northeast Amexem) Africa (southeast Amexem), North America (Northwest Amexem), and South America (Southwest Amxem).

the forming of a QAUDRI-CONTINENTAL STATE, will first begin by our expanding the MDM across them, then by SOLFIDIFYING the two americas into ONE STATE, and africa and asia into one state, and then the two states, again, into one state.

this only makes sense, as the two americas are not only touching thereby making them really one land mass (continent), being falsely called two continents. but these two are so tightly knit in their histories they are already called NORTH AND SOUTH of ONE CONTINENT, AMERICA.

infact, this is no original idea by me, this was the original purpose of the AOS, ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN STATES, who held the PAN-AMERICAN-CONFERENCES, one of which THE PROPHET attended in Cuba. this associatons original plan and purpose was to further UNIFY all of the AMERICAN NATIONS ON BOTH CONTINENTS, so why should it be of any hard thought for us to FURTHER THE PROCESS, and fulfill it??? but taking the idea even further, through our connection as MOORISH NATIONALS, and MOSLEMS (Holy Koran chapter 45)??? it is only an impossible, or imaginative idea to those who do not see the endless possibilities of man, and especially of what ALLAH (swt) GAVE US THROUGH OUR HOLY PROPHET (pbuh).

seriously, what do you think we are supposed to be doing in the AFFAIRS OF MEN??? except "UNITING" them. under the uniting of the Holy Koran, the uniting of Islam, the uniting of the MSTA, and the uniting of Asia. the MDM was formed for us to be THE MESSAGE THAT WE BRING, THE MESSAGE OF SALVATION TO THE NATIONS.

and even though it appears as if the AOS has lost this original initiative, we here in the MSTA have kept this ideal highly alive, and I find this to be no accidental happening, it was just waiting for the third and fourth generations to come along and recognize it, then realize the good of this work by the Prophet. after all I have heard many speak of meeting with other national leaders across the americas, and yet I have never heard about what they were actually going to talk about, except to tell them "GIVE US FREE".

what is our plan??? what is our purpose??? how does it benefit them??? why should they care??? why would they support us??? for the same reason the europeans here were helping the PROPHET (pbuh) according to his teachings, becuase he was doing the job they need done, PEACE (between the lion and the lamb), SALVATION TO THE NATIONS. this is what we offer, this is what will gain us the support of ALL THE AMERICAN STATES. this will give us the STABILITY to take our program across seas, and be the message to the MOORISH FAMILY OF NATIONS (in Northwest Africa), then move across the saharah to east africa (egypt, sudan, libya, sudan, congo and ethiopia). then from there, we can move to southern africa, through the middle east, through india, through china, japan, tibet, phillipines and korea. this will bring all of the europeans here that are for PEACE who supported the PROPHET (pbuh) to also support us.

if we look at the life works and teachings of Enoch (pbuh), Melchezedek (pbuh), Jesus (pbuh), and Mohammed I (pbuh), we will see there is a pattern of being an INTERNATIONAL PEACEMAKER, also called REFORMERS. these men were known to have a MESSAGE OF PEACE (salvation to the nations) that they travelled to different lands to establish, and bring all the surrounding nations of Asia into ONE ACCORD: peace, peace on earth, goodwill to man.

this is also seen in the CIRCLE SEVEN symbol that we open and close all of our MEETINGS, including the GREAT MEETING (of all Asia, symbolized by our national convention). the circle itself representing "HUMANITY", our fathers whole race, the human family (Asiatic and Moslem). the FOUR GATES representing Northwest Amexem (North America), Southwest Amexem (South America), Northeast Amexem (Asia), and Southeast Amexem (Africa), where the families from the Holy Lands of Canaan have travelled and formed their kingdoms.

the MSTA was the UNITING OF ASIA, for the Asiatics of North America, but the MDM is the UNITING OF ASIA for ALL ASIATICS WORLD WIDE. this is why I call it "NEW AMEXEM", or "AMEXEM II". and the leaders of this NEW MOORISH WORLD KINGDOM is the ALIYAN DYNASTY (Divine Society, Holy Nation), as founded by PROPHT NOBLE DREW ALI in 1913.


as we are the natural descendants and national descent of our ANCEINT FOREFATHERS, and the finishers and fulfillers of thir GREAT MISSISONARY WORK, which many have called by the name of "ANGELS". and the duty of the ANGELS is to teach the EVERALSTING GOSPEL OF OUR FATHER GOD ALLAH (swt) TO ALL THE NATIONS ACROSS THE FOUR CORNERS OF THE EARTH.



2. POLITICAL(jurisdprudence and jurisdiction)

3. SOCIAL (community)


5. INDUSTRIAL (conglomerations, corporations and companies)



8. ECONOMIC (financial)


10. AGRICULTURAL (ecology, meteorology, geology, farming, gemology)


so what will it be, whole or part???

there is not room for departmental thinking, noone is a single unit by themselves, and noones unit is a single unit all by itself. we are all parts of a whole, and the whole must come before any single part, in every part of the whole.

we are NATIONALS, our loyalty is to the NATION and its NATIONAL GOVERNMENT. we have not abandoned the monarchs and dictators of the past to float free of all national responsibilities, we have simply traded loyalty to the individual despots, to loyalty to the whole government which represents all the people under its jurisdiction. we are part, partial and partisan of the NATIONAL GOVERNMENT, dont let anyone departmentalize this movement like they have done the nation-race into separate states (national governments), where as it was originally ONE SUPER-STATE of the entire race (ASIATIC). we call this departmentalism (self separation and self segragation) by the term "ETHIOPIANISM", those that divide themselves from themselves until they are enslaved by all others.

the problem with liberalism, is that in nature there is no liberality, if you are the strongest you will survive, and if you are weak you will perish, thats the LAW, it is SURVIVAL OF THE BEST, with no exceptions.

so when we take on a DEMOCRATIC (ANTI-ORGANIZATION) mentality, we become more liberal with what we allow and accept for ourselves and others, which directly effects the entire NATION as a whole. we dont need democracy and liberalism, we need REALISTIC and RATIONAL thinking and actions to gain and maintain a SOVEREIGN AND SUPERIOR STATE of the entire race over the next 2000 years. if we dont plan it, design a program for its success, and implement it as a universal paradigm, we are only being democratic with our extinction, giving death the liberty to end our existence. those things that will bring death, destruction and decay to the NATION and its NATIONAL GOVERNMENT must be UNACCEPTABLE and UNALLOWABLE to our NATIONAL MORALITY.

the MOSLEM (STRENGTH OF ALLAH MADE MANIFEST) lives according to UNIVERSAL NATURAL LAW and REVEALED DIVINE LAW, and living with the national will in accordance and harmony with the ETERNAL LAW OF ALLAHS WILL, we too become ETERNAL in our national longevity, just as the covenant (5th commandment) states. when we honor our father and mother, our days will be "LENGTHENED". so this HARMONY of wills is our deepest NATIONAL INTENTION, as to follow anything else but the WILL OF ALLAH (swt) can only lead to death, no matter how close or far away that end is, it is still eventual and inevitable, and that is just not acceptable or allowable to our NAITONAL MORALITY, this is what it means to be a NATIONAL.

this is one of the reasons I focus on the differences between INDIVIDUALITY and INDIVIDUALISM. individuality is when the individual submits the very best of its talents, skills, experience and genius for the benefit of the whole.

while individualism is when the individual thinks only for itself, only about itself, only with itself, etc. becoming not an "INDIVIDUAL OF" but a "GREAT DIVIDE IN" the nation.

this is why I am against a COALITION (mass of individuals) of forces, as UNITY means ONENESS, being a SINGLE UNIT. thus even five thousand units all working together at any given moment is still only TEMPORARY, under the natural law that ALL FALSE THINGS MUST PERISH. WHY?? because those five thousand units still see themselves as INDIVIDUALS, and the law of SURVIVAL will force them to sooner or later strike out for their independent salvation from the rest of the group.

and when the single unit moves for its own SOVERIEGN and SUPERIOR position, this will force all of the other units to do the same, and thus SELF DEFEAT and SELF DESTRCUTION will become the order of that day. the only real solution to this problem is CONSOLIDATION of all the units, which is when those five thousand units all take a subordinate position to ONE UNIT which holds universal jurisdiction over them, as the LEAD UNIT (capitol empire). but even this consolidation must be enacted with the full purpose of eventual SOLIDIFCATION of all the parts into ONE UNIT (a single STATE), completely absorbed into the original capitol unit.

or else failure is its future, and this is the case with every single empire in history, as they never made the move from an empire (single kingdom ruling mulitple kingdoms) to a single world kingdom. this further explains to the people why I do not call for a MOORISH DOMINION in the conventual sense, but a MOORISH WORLD KINGDOM, a single solidified SUPER-STATE (john 10:16, john 11:52, john 17:20-21). not that this will be the first stage, but it must be the final stage of the process, as anything less will not gaurantee our bi-millinial rule thru the age of aqaurius (john 6:27), or beyond that. and it has been millineum since any empire has been recorded to rule for a millineum (let alone two), even though the instittuions of "AL ISLAM", "CATHOLICISM", and "BUDDHISM", have held their own. but these are not NATIONAL GOVERNMENTS, and it is time for the MOORS to reverse this fact, by fulfilling the words of THE PROPHET (pbuh).

what do you really think the focus on EMPIRES and their CORRESPONDENCE to the AGES they existed in has been all about??? or do you really belive that form of thinking has become extinct because you dont hear about it every day??? but then again you do, and you just dont realize it.

if you look at the back of the one dollar bill, and look over the eagles head (the national government) you will see a "NEW CONSTELLATION", what this represents is the NEW DISPENSATION for the euorpean people, their time for another chance to continue their reulership outside of europe. and the reason it is represented by a CONSTELLATION, is because thats what ALL THE ZODIAC SIGNS ARE, and each ZODIAC SIGN represents an "AGE", thus it represents a NEW ERA OF TIME, THE AQUARIAN AGE is what thy are focusing on RULING OVER (thru the united stats of america). but this rule symbolically called americas "DESTINY", is really OUR DESTINY, as that is the WILL OF ALLAH. and if you pay careful attention to the PROPHETS own words and works, you will see this is a FACT.

so we cannot be deomcratic or liberal with our NATIONAL MORALITY, or with our work for UNITY; the nationalization of our father ALLAHS (swt) whole race under one vine and fig tree. the fools will call this unrealisitic and thus irrational, but I know that to be a "MOORISH NATIONAL" is our races ONLY SALVATION, in any NATIONAL GOVERNMENT across the earthland. the MOORISH NATIONAL (as a whole) is the "IMMANUEL" and aquarius is his age (day, PERIOD OF JURISDICTION). thus this enlightened and illuminated understanding of OUR NATIONAL DESTINY was called THE LIGHT OF A NEW DAY.

the beginning of the Moorish Nationals ruling the world again under the Divine Laws and Principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice. where thru membership all over the world, we will become the GUIDERS (RULERS, GOVERNORS, MAGISTRATES, ETC.) of every nation we are members of. bringing ALLAHS EVERLASTING DOMINION physically to the earthland as a MANIFEST REALITY (DESTINY), just as it has always existed physically as the UNIVERSAL NATURAL LAWS and REVEALED DIVINE LAWS of our plane (and all planes) of existence.

it is only the "UNBELIEVERS" that teach otherwise. just as they belittled and ridiculed the PROPHET (pbuh), taking him and his work for a JOKE, trying to work every work to DISQUALIFY him. so we must PROTECT and PRESERVE the truth of ALLAH (the author, creator and governor, swt) and his providence over AUGHT (the world, all his creation). which we as MOSLEMS have taken on the duty and obligation to bring into MANIFESTATION, called THE END OF TIME; THE FULFILLMENT OF PROPHECY (A.K.A. th divine plan of the ages).

this has taken the physical form of the MDM/MSTA, as without a reformist movement, there can be no reforms. the purpose of our Divine Movement is to re-align the ASIATIC NATIONS with the DIVINE WILL OF ALLAH (swt). so infact, this Movement is Divine Guidance, as it is ALLAH (swt) ALONE THAT DIRECTS ITS DESTINY. and its destination is to return man to the HIGHEST PLANE (stage/state/station/status/standard) of life with his FATHER GOD ALLAH (swt). this has been the mission of all REFORMERS.


1. to change into an imporved form, state or condition.

2. to amend or improve by change or removal of faults, errors, or abuses.

3. to induce or cause to abandon evil (sinful) ways.

4. to become changed for the better.

REFORMATION - to uplift fallen humanity, by teaching those things necessary to make men and women better citizens. repent from your sinful ways, that delude to slavery.

the beginning of these reforms of our centrlaized industrialization took place in "NEW MECCA" (THE COSMOPOLITAN CITY OF CHICAGO). the MOSLEMS under MOHAMMED (pbuh) initially made MECCA the center of all TRADE and COMMERCE for the MOSLEM EMPIRE. and after this same ideal, the PROPHET (pbuh) said CHICAGO WILL BE OUR NEW MECCA; the CENTER OF UNIVERSAL TRADE BETWEEN ALL ASIATIC NATIONS. what made MECCA what it was, was not the "KAABAH", but what took place within the entire city, as it was the COSMOPOLITAN CAPITOL of the entire Moslem empire. THE MOORISH SCIENCE TEMPLE OF AMERICA will make itself the CENTER OF ASIATIC LIFE AND INDUSTRIOUS ACTIVITY. unike the majority of leaders that want credit and respect for simply BEING, and not for actually DOING.

and in the process of this DOING, we are constantly STICKING TO THE PROPHET (pbuh), becuase his life works and teachings gives us an EQUAL MEASURING STICK to circumscribe our thougths, deeds and actions to. without this solid foundation, everyone will head in every direction, and be devoured by everything they can imagine. so this keeps our ways and actions (desires and passions) UPRIGHT (rectified) on The Square of Virtue, Righteousness, Morality and Justice. and without this we have no measurement to CRITIQUE and CRITICIZE our actions, or the actions of those LEADING US.

beginning with seeking THE ASSISTANCE OF THE PROPHET (pbuh), through making all laws and policies IN CONJUNCTION with his laws and policies (future national intentions), which we derive from hIS LIF WORKS and TEACHINGS.

we must enact laws for our nations advancement and enforce laws on those against it. the indiviual acts of man against man can only be defeated by uplifting acts for the whole nation, this is the difference between a nationalistic state and a non-nationalistic one. and this was the original purpose for the forming a FREE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT on this continent in the fist place, to free the citizens of individualistic (non-national) dictators, monarchs, despots, etc. removing that which arrested the development of the nations advancement growth and expansion (A.G.E.). beginning with the slave mind of ignorance, illiteracy, inferiority, immaturity and incomptency, as this is the real struggle of man. to free himself from his lower-self and its fallen stage (state, status, station, standard) of existence.

this is what FREE NATIONAL and FREE CITIZEN means, that the citizens/nationals were SOVEREIGNS. having no MONARCH, DICTATOR, DESPOT, etc. ruling over them. they are "FREE" and "EQUAL" under the social compact, of the FREE NATIONAL CONSTITUTION, that recognizes them them all as "SOVRAN" (sovereign, supreme), and not "SUBJECTS" or "SLAVES".

too many people that dont really know what it means to be a "FREE NATIONAL" falsely believe that citizenship in a FREE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT is equal to slavery, and that is only the manifestation of their insufficiency of knowledge on nationalistic matters. the worst part is that all of it stems from many that do actually understand the law, and have disguised THEIR SELFISHNESS (hate) as OUR SOVEREIGNTY (love).

but selfishness and self centeredness in any form, are the root of all disunity, and the end of all INDUSTRY (progressive construction of civilization). disunity is the end of industry. so we as MOSLEMS are for INSTRUCTION AND CONSTRUCTION, AND AGAINST OBSTRUCTION AND DESTRUCTION.

there can be no lie or illusion of simplicity, nothing in national life is free, and never will be, and whenever a nation forgets this it becomes extinct. therefore our work is an eternal struggle for our ADVANCEMENT, GROWTH and EXPANSION across this planet and plane thru the worst possible conditions, elements and atmospheres that all time and space can accomplish.

this is why I keep saying the first step alone will take 50 years, and they say "50 years?", and I tell them "yes", and then I ask them how long does it take to unwrap a candy bar??? and theyll tell me what they think, and I tell them that is good for what??? what great thing has been accomplished in that, as any two year old child can unwrap a candy bar??? the fact is, that we are working and struggling to UNFOLD AN ENTIRE NATION UNTO THE PERFECTION OF ITS KIND.

speculation will never replace the REAL TIME AND SPACE of our existence, and no amount of theories can give you the experience of TRUTH, only living reality to the fullest can acomplish that. so everything I teach, I teach its practical application, I give you the principles of knowledge (gospel) of omnipotence so you can sense your POWER and then make your POWER known (born, manifest) through actual work. this is why I have been constantly teaching that we must turn our omni-potentiality into our omni-actuality (OMNIFICIENCY), and all of this MOORISH SCIENCE into MOORISH TECHNOLOGY for our universal upliftment, betterment, unfoldment, advancement and development.

and what this also means is that the focus of todays LEADERSHIP must also be the EDUCATION of the lEADERSHIP of tomorrow. because anything worth having will take time, and much of it will take lifetimes, in this, is how it is said the PYRAMIDS were built, so this must be considered in building our pyramids today. and this is one of the reasons MOSLEMS preserve and protect th PROPHETS (pbuh) laws and structure because this is ONE SINGLE WORK. but it has been one of the greatest mistakes made by ALL ASIATIC LEADERSHIP in america, as they are always so concerned with themselves that they never prepare those that will and must replace them. we do not have forever, so this training must take place immediately.

when Elijah Muhammad (pbuh) passed, who did he specifically prepare to replace him??? how about Marcus garvey (pbuh)??? the PROPHET (pbuh) had Edward Mealy EL (pbuh), but the PROPHETS (pbuh) enemies fought E. Mealy El (pbuh), just as they fought the PROPHET (pbuh), and still fight him today. this poor thinking by others must be reversed, and "EN MASS", we must develop a system of training MANY LEADERS, that will step right up and continue the CAUSE without missing a step, in the case that the current leadership is no longer able to continue. there should be at least a GROUP OF SEVEN. this will lead to continued STRUCTURE and STABILITY even in the hardest national times.

and the hardest times are usually results of POOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, it is a fact that most SOCIAL PROBLEMS are remedied with ECONOMIC SOLUTIONS. finance translates into MATERIALS, and properly utilized materials translates into PHYSICAL IMPROVEMENT, thru control of the conditions and elements around us. but even with this being true, the greater truth is that without the proper intelligence not only in gaining the necessary finance, but in UTILIZING IT CORRECTLY, we are still doomed to eventual failure.

most people work endlessly when they are hungry, and become very lazy when they have eaten over a long period of time. but the HUNGER TO EXIST must never leave us, as their is always a tomorrow, and no promise we will be in it. all aquired finance must be for the sole purpose of getting the necesary materials for our educational, technological and industrial improvements.

the hardest task is to get the majority of people to realize that the PRESENT is for ONE PURPOSE, and that is to SHAPE THE FUTURE, if you live today only for the living of today, then YOUR FUTURE IS WASTED.



your brother in the service of ALLAH (swt).

Prince Ka Saadi El G.S., "The Teacher".





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