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below is the opening of my book, "THE FORERUNNER: MARCUS MOSIAH GARVEY".....

why would a MOSLEM (muslim) write a book about MARCUS MOSIAH GARVEY??? Well, I will begin with this fact;

Though the phrase "emancipate yourself from mental slavery" is commonly associated with "Redemption Song" by Bob Marley, few know the concept originated with Marcus Garvey. During a speech given in October 1937 at Nova Scotia’s Menelik Hall entitled "The Work That Has Been Done", "We are going to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery because whilst others might free the body, none but ourselves can free the mind. Mind is your only ruler, sovereign. The man who is not able to develop and use his mind is bound to be the slave of the other man who uses his mind"

With that said, let us think for ourselves on this next statement;

In a speech at Liberty Hall in New York City in August 1929, Garvey outlined his belief that Africans should establish a new way of looking at their faith: "God tells us to worship a God in our own image', said he. 'We are Black and to be in our image God must be black. Our people have been lynched and burned in the South because we have been worshipping a false God. But what can you expect when you have adopted the idolism of another race? We must create a God of our own and give this new religion to the Negroes of the World"

Now, let me show you this good article I found on MARCUS M. GARVEY and his involvement with the teachings of ISLAM (AL-ISLAM), that was written by a SUNNI IMAAM.. originally posted on-line on AUGUST 24th, 2010....I thought many of you would find this very interesting indeed...


August 17th marked the 123rd memorial birth date of Marcus Garvey. In honor of that occasion, I release the following from my future book, Reclaimed Legacy: Muslim Indigenous And Immigrant Peoples, And The True History Of Al-Islam In America Muslim Influence on the U.N.I.A.

"Father of all Creation, Allah Omnipotent, Supreme o’er every nation, God Bless our President"

These are the words of one of the "hymns" of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (U.N.I.A.), founded by the late Marcus Mosiah Garvey, often described as the most influential leader of African descent in the West, during the 20th century. Garvey, considered by many to be the "Father of Black Nationalism", had been taught African history, topology and politics while residing in Egypt, by a Muslim Egyptian named Duse Muhammad Effendi (see photo above left) Amongst Garvey’s followers were many African Americans, who viewed themselves as Muslims struggling for the liberation of their people from oppression. These men and women had been influenced by an Ahmadiyyah Muslim da’ee (missionary) named Mufti Muhammad Saadiq, who came to America from India in 1920, to propagate Islam as he understood it.

Bayoumi writes, "Originally conceiving of his work as broad-based, ecumenical, multiracial missionary activity, Saadiq soon realized that Whites were bitter and fearful of his message and African Americans interested and open. Early reports indicate that several Garveyites attended his lectures and were among his first converts…"

Journalist Roger Didier wrote of some of these self-proclaimed Muslim Garveyites, "…all the audience has adopted Arabic names…There is the very dark Mr. Augustus, who used to belong to St. Marks church in this city [Chicago], but who now sings a pretty Arabic prayer and acts rather sphinx-like. Half a dozen Garvey cohorts are counted, one in his resplendent uniform..."

Tony Martin states that at the 1922 U.N.I.A. convention, "several delegates suggested that the association should adopt Islam as its official religion since three-quarters of the black world were Muslims and Muslims were better Christians than Christians". The discussion was lively and occupied both the morning and afternoon sessions, under the topic "The Future Religious Faith and Belief of the Negro." Garvey himself presided over the afternoon session, declaring the subject to be "of vital interest and importance, in that it struck at the strongest side of the Negro, it being conceded that the Negro was more religious than anything else".

Garvey further stated that dictating religion was not the desire of the UNIA, but rather to give African people "a scientific understanding of religion". He then advocated inter-religious dialogue and meeting. Although the resolution to adopt Al-Islam as the UNIA’s official religion, and indeed the future religion of all black people in America was not passed, its serious introduction into the discussion spread out over hours indicates the receptivity that was present in the ranks of that organization, to the Islamic faith (as it was understood according to Ahmadiyyah teachings). One of its hymns was even named "Allahu Akbar".

In Detroit, Michigan, Mufti Saadiq himself spoke at five Garveyite meetings in 1923, and 40 more U.N .I.A. members converted to the faith. One was another Christian leader, Reverend Sutton, who was renamed Sheik Abdul Salaam, and placed in leadership over the congregation in that city. Ahmadiyyah appeals to the followers of Garvey, hammered a message tailored to them. Knowing that many Garveyites, or at least those inclined to Islam read its pages, The Moslem Sunrise contained an article with what must be the world’s longest title. Its text included these words:

"Apart from confederation of the African tribes or peoples of African origin, the possibility of which is a nightmare to the white man, he lives in fear and trembling that El Islam may become the religion of the Negro. And why should it not be? ‘El Islam’ would be a wonderful spiritual force in the life of the colored races, uniting us in a bond of common sympathy and interest. We could then add to our motto of one God, one aim, one destiny, the words one language which would be Arabic. It could easily be made the universal language of Negroes and would remove the barriers which now face us in the intercommunication of the different tribes in Africa. Arabic is already spoken by millions of Negroes.."

Garvey and Al-Islām

Garvey, who was himself the student of a Muslim, was obviously listening to this message. He posed the question, ostensibly to Christians who were American, and other peoples of European descent in positions of power, when he stated:

"…You white men, have taught us the love of God, you have had us to see Him in all goodness and perfection; is He a mockery to you? He must be something real. Must we by your actions deny His goodness and love for us, and seek and search for the God of Africa, The Allah most High, Noble and Almighty?"

Further he mentioned The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) several times in his speeches, as an inspirational figure whom he considered to be a great black man. He declared before an audience at Liberty Hall, in Harlem, New York on September 17, 1922 "…everybody knows that Mohammed was a Negro…Negroes on this side of the river had accepted Christ, while on the other side, many of them, had accepted Mohammed. The administration was not endeavoring to bring Mohammed into the Western world.

Mohammed was not in need of change. He was a colored man, anyhow.

"The fight that has centered around me is the same kind of fight that will be centered around any other leader, any other idealist who sets out to lead the people into a new vision, into a new light. It was the same kind of fight that was centered Around Mohammed when he enunciated his doctrine; it was the same kind of fight that was centered around Martin Luther when he declared the reformation; it was the same kind of fight that was centered around the great political leaders of Ireland who sought to arouse the people for Irish freedom; it was the same kind of fight that centered around the Man of Nazareth who attempted to assemble the multitude and teach them the new doctrine of salvation, it is the same kind of fight that will be centered around any man or woman who seeks to place an ideal among the people….

"The great Mohammed, the leader of the Mohammedan faith-the man who swept the Asiatic world with that new cult, the new religion of Allah- he counted the cost and in his lifetime paid the price. Mohammed suffered many reverses; Mohammed suffered many defeats at certain times; half of the people, two-thirds of the people; nearly all of the people, forsook Mohammed, but Mohammed stuck to his faith and ultimately triumphed and Mohammedanism was given to the world. And as Mohammed did in the religious world, so in the political arena we have had men who have paid the price for leading the people toward the great light of liberty."

this information is taken from these sources, in case you want to look them up;

1. East of the Sun (West of the Moon): Islam, the Ahmadis, and African America

2. "Those Who’re Missionaries to Christians: Prophet Saadiq Brings Allah’s Message Into Chicago and Makes Proselytes", reprinted in The Moslem Sunrise, October 1922

3. author of Race First: The Ideological and Organizational Struggles of Marcus Garvey and the U.N.I.A. (1976), see Chapter 4, also see the minutes from the UNIA annual convention held in August, 1922, specifically those from the 25th day, Friday morning and afternoon sessions, The Marcus Garvey Papers, Vol. 4, pp. 991-992

4. ""Crescent or Cross? A Negro May Aspire to Any Position under Islam without Discrimination: The Teachings of the Prophet are being Profitably Imbibed –with Millions of Moslems the World over, Pressure Can be brought to Solve the Race Question", The Moslem Sunrise, April 1923, pg. 262

5. The Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey, pg. 412

6. U.N.I.A. Convention, August 5, 1924

7. Liberty Hall speech, Nov. 5, 1922

8. speech, January 29, 1922, The Marcus Garvey and UNIA Papers, sponsored by the Univ. of California, LA


now it has also been stated by some that MARCUS MOSIAH GARVEY stated;

"The Negro is crying for a Mohamed, a Prophet to come forth and give him the Koran of economic and intellectual welfare. Where is he?"

but he did not actually state that, it was in an Editorial (article by the Editor) from March 1917, within the Chicago based "Champion Magazine", and MARCUS MOSIAH GARVEY was not an editor, or writer for, the Champion Magazine, even though some of his own articles did find their way into it. this was juts not one of them. this misunderstanding comes from the misreading of "RACE FIRST" by "Tony Martin", Chapter 4, RELIGION, page 67.

but this fact does not do away with the truthfulness of the statement....

end of portion...


now, people will still try to get around all of this, but I also offer MARCUS GARVEY'S articles for his newspaper....



ABU HASSAN ALI, "El Sultan Aswad" or "The Black Sultan," was the most famous of the Merinides rulers of Morocco.

He was renowned in the annals of the East for his ambition, courage, and the fortitude with which he bore his reverses, as well as for his patronage of art. Under him Moroccan art, architecture, and literature rose to the zenith of their splendor.

The Black Sultan came to the throne by ousting his brother. In 133o he inflicted a crushing defeat upon the Christian King of Castile and captured Gibraltar. Ten years later he made himself master of the Mediterranean by destroying the Christian fleet commanded by the white admiral, Godfrey Tenorio. Then began a long series of misfortunes. The kings of Castile and Portugal, allying themselves against him, defeated him. They took not only his treasures but also his wives. Driven from Europe, he returned to Africa, conquered Tunis and Algeria, and became so great a power in North Africa that the Mameluke sultans of Egypt looked to him as the protector of Western Islam. While he was absent from Morocco, his subjects revolted under his son, Abu Fares, who seized the throne. With his army, the Black Sultan sailed from Tunis for Morocco, but a tempest in the Mediterranean wrecked his fleet. Thrown into the water with the dead tossing around him, he managed to save himself by clinging to a piece of wreckage, and finally drifted ashore near Algiers. Undaunted, he gathered a large army and marched against his son. He was defeated but, not withstanding, he reached Fez and captured it. But he was unable to hold the city and was driven into the desert, where he assembled army after army, hurling them against his foes again and again, only to be beaten.

Stern, self-denying, and dynamic, the Black Sultan refused to yield to the pleasures that had softened so many of his predecessors, and was thus able to endure hardship and vicissitudes such as few monarchs have had to face. While at times he was subject to outbursts of extreme cruelty, he was nonetheless refined and possessed great nobility of spirit. His colleges, upon which he lavished all the beauties of Moroccan art, are monuments to his highly civilized taste and love of culture.

His favorite wife was a European named Shams-ed-Douha, or "The Morning Sun," and his tomb and hers, at Shella, are one of the architectural treasures of Morocco. Upon the eastern face of the Sultan's cenotaph is a wall of red stone carved with an inscription from the Koran with the exquisite ornament of the Alhambra --a page softened by the passing of time.

O'Connor says of him:

To the Sultan, Abu Hassan Ali, "The Black Sultan," are due the Mederseas of Es-Sahrij and E1 Mesbahiya (1331-48). He got his name like his dark skin from his mother, who was an Abyssinian Negress to whom in one of his inscriptions he paid a lofty tribute: "Her noble and saintly Highness! May God enlighten her tomb and sanctify her soul!" His reign following that of his father, Abu Said, who was unable to make wars of conquest in Spain, had turned to the maintenance of his power in Africa and had built three of the Merihide Mederseas, marked the height of the civilization associated with their name. Abu Hassan was man of many parts; he inscribed a copy of the Koran with his own hand and had it richly bound in leather and gold and sent to Mecca to be placed in the Mosque. He likewise sent copies to Medina and Jerusalem. He sought by the foundation of the Mederseas to strike the imagination of the Moslems of his capital and to show them what he could accomplish. He appealed to the civic pride of the East and conciliated the learned who at Fez have always been influential.

His power and glory reached their height at the date of the foundation of the Mesbahiya for he subdued Central Morocco and had made himself the most powerful sovereign in Western Islam. He sent rich gifts and entertained equal relations with the sultans of the east end of Africa. He married a daughter of the king of Tunis and upon the death of her father annexed his dominions to Morocco.

He died June 21, 1357, after a reign of twenty-one years.

The Black Sultan's son, Abu Fares, later grieved for his disloyalty and in remorse erected the Bu Ananija, a temple of learning, and left an endowment for its perpetual preservation. This edifice is still one of the most artistic and most sacred in Morocco.


End of article….


now, I will also add another article here that I have written called "what was Mohammed's (asa) complexion", so that we can verify the statement of Marcus Garvey that Nabiy Mohammed (Muhammad, asa) was "Black" (as he termed it) and thus of "African" descent and descendancy. as all of the original Arabians were, being predominantly from East Africa (Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia).

this was originally put out in september 7th, 2007, I have here updated and upgraded it slightly....

I have heard alot of the tales being told about what racial identtity many people believe the Prophet Mohammed (asa) was.

In the Great Koran (Al-Quran Al-Adhiym) of Mecca his skin complexion is NEVER MENTIONED. infact, his own name only appears four times all together. as the focus of the Koran of Mecca was more on what he was going through to SAVE HIS NATION, than what he looked like, what he ate, his favorite outfit, etc.

but there are many hadith (tales of men) that have been passed down, as well as his SUNNAH (really more Hadith they call Sunnah), and PROPHECIES (even more Hadith). and from all of these there are many (most of them) that are disputable. but for this article I would like to focus on some of the information in some of the Hadith (sayings of men) that you (as an Asiatic of North America) dont get to hear too much about, because they go against the mainstream (pro-arabianized-ideology) of most PRO-ARAB TRADITION (falsely called Orthodoxy today). and yet everything that I will be "Qutoing", and discussing in those "Quotes", has either been written or verified by ARAB scholars of what they are terming ISLAMIC HISTORY. they have found these just as Valid according to their own standards, as all of the otehr Hadith they love to push upon the minds of the new Sunni, Shiite, Sufi and Salafi converts to the Arab Ideal/version of Islam.

now by many enemies of ISLAM (Al-Islam, or at least the last 1400 years of its evolution), it is claimed that Nabiy Mohammed (Muhammad, asa) was a lightskinned ARAB, or even WHITE (lol), and that he hated DARK-SKINNED PEOPLE??? and even that he hated everything of a black color (I have seen this said by some). I have personally seen all of these tales. yet they never mentioned the ALSO well VERIFIED tales of the flip side of that coin.

so I will give a brief descritpion of what you will actually find if you go do YOUR OWN HOMEWORK.

in the Great Koran (Al-Quran Al-Adhiym) of Mecca it states that "ADAM" (supposed to be the FIRST MAN EVER) was made of "BLACK MUD". now "Adam" itself is a word meaning

"RED, REDDISH BROWN, DARK RED, BLOOD, CRIMSON, MAROON", and all of these describe a DARK COLOR. and the fact that the Great Koran (Al-Quran Al-Adhiym) of Mecca as RECITED by Nabiy Mohammed (Muhammad, asa) says he was ALSO made from "BLACK MUD" too, as a descendant of Adam. and this tells us he had to also see Adam as a DARK-SKINNED individual. and thus a DARK-SKINNED (OLIVE SHADE) human being was the father of all HUMAN BEINGS (including Nabiy Mohammed [asa] himself), and it would be strange for an ANTI-ASIATIC (ANTI-BLACK as they would call it) person to preach and teach as a Divine Doctrine that the FATHER OF ALL MEN was an ADAM that was made of BLACK MUD??? wouldnt it. so right here, if we look at the GREAT KORAN (Al-Quran Al-Adhiym) OF MECCA alone, which calls itself the the BEST OF HADITH, and the SUNNAH OF ALLAH (Swt), we know what HADITH of MEN, and so-called SUNNAH of MEN, not to listen to then, right???

and I want to point out a fact right here, the word used here for "BLACK MUD", is not ASWAD which literally means the COLOR BLACK, it is "HAM", which means BURNT, VERY DARK, and thus is related to something that has been BLACKENED, but it does not mean THE COLOR BLACK itself, the word ASWAD does.

it literally says;

"Wa Laqad Khalaqna Al Insana Min Salsalin Min Hamain Masnuwnin"

and the word " HAMAIN" used for "MUD" here, literally means DARK[ened] RED, or VERY DARK (as the ground/soil usually is) and can be traced back to the words HAM, KHAM, KHEM, KEM, etc. which is what the EGYPTIANS called their SOIL (GROUND/EARTH), and which is mis-used by modern people who dont know the fullness of all this as BLACK, but it literally does not mean BLACK, it means VERY DARK, and MUD is ALWAYS very dark GROUND, EARTH, etc. LIKE IT HAS BEEN BURNED, even though in the grounds/soils case it is actually VERY WET. in fact, another perfect term is "OLIVE SHADE" (when delaing with SKIN COMPLEXION), as OLIVE does not mean GREEN, it means VERY DARK, VERY RICH, HAVING AN ABUNDANCE, thats why you have RED OLIVES, GREEN OLIVES, BLAC OLIVES, etc. if OLIVE meant RED, or BLACK, or GREEN, then those names wouldnt make sense would they??? anyway...

now, go look up the CASTLE/PALACE called ALHAMBRA in SPAIN, that was BUILT BY THE MOSLEMS (muslimuwn/muslimiyn), the original word IS AL-HAMIA (and it means THE RED [or DARK RED] PALACE). now when you think of what ADAM means, and what COMPLEXION human beings (AL-INSANA) actually come in, AND ITS NOT BLACK, BALCK HAS NO SHADES OF ITSELF, then the truth becomes even more clearer. and thats what happenes when you actually READ THE GREAT KORAN (Al-Quran Al-Adhiym), and leave those false HADITH alone.

now from Adam, MAN (AL-INSANA) can be traced to NOAH (NUH in Gulf-Arabic) and the flood. and from this event Noah (asa) ended up on mount Ararat in TURKEY. so this DARK-SKINNED NOAH (asa) began spreading civilization out from TURKEY in ASIA. and he had three sons HAM, SHEM, and JAPETH. now they say HAM means BLACK, and again it does not, but it does mean BURNED, BLACKENED, VERY DARK IN COLOR OR COMPLEXION. and he was the BROTHER OF SHEM AND JAPETH, and the SON OF NOAH, so all of them were HAMAIN, get me???

so HAM, SHEM, And JAPETH were all VERY DARK IN COMPLEXION. as I have never seen ONE DARK BROTHER, and all the rest were PALE SKINNED, lol, especailly when they all had the SAME FATHER AND MOTHER, as it is noted in history that these three did.

now from shem along came ABRAHAM (Ibrahiym, asa), not only semitic, but also LIVING in the same AREA that NOAH'S (asa) CHILDREN and GRAND-CHILDREN spread out to.


and from HAM's seed "MITZRAIM" (EGYPT) came one of the bearers of abraham's (asa) children named HAGAR (the egyptian), who gave birth to ISHMAEL (asa). so ISHAMEL (Isma'il, asa) AND ALL HIS CHILDREN were half SEMITIC and half HAMITIC. today this is called AFRO-ASIATIC and HAMO-SEMETIC, and the oriignal founders of the ARABIAN (Arabiyyat) penninsula were called AFRO-ARABIANS, believe that or not, I am writing a book currently that will go in depth into all of this, but where else do you think the SWAHILI EMPIRES speaking BANTU and ARABIC long before the ARABIANS came in the 700's??? anyway... it is from this descendancy that came Ishmael's fourth son KEDAR (which also means DARK and RICH and ABUNDANT in complexion).

and from kedar's seed arose an ISHMAELITE (Isma'ili) named "HASHIM" who founded an entire clan/tribe that became the RULERS OF MECCA, and the keepers of the KA'ABA. infact the hashimites are very well known throughout the history of that area.

now hashim had a SON named "ABDU AL MUTTALIB", and in the hadith it is said that he gave birth to "10 LORDS black as night". who skin was "BLACK" and "HANDSOME" according to the Hadiths, which is a strange thing to say, about a people whos skin complexion you are supposed to be HATED by arabs??? now this description comes from a mixed ARAB that was standing there watching these "10 LORDS" make hajj, as he watched them make SEVEN CIRCUITS around the KA'ABA as ALL MOSLEMS (muslimuwn/muslimiyn) did during Nabiy Mohammed's (Muhammad, asa) life time.

you see Nabiy Mohammed (asa) had converted ABU AL MUTTALIB and his entire family, including his DAUGHTER, "AMINA". according to ACTUAL history AMINA was the daughter of ABU AL MUTTALIB and the mother of PROPHET MOHAMMED (Muhammad, asa). and it is said in many historical circles that "AMINA" was a "NEGRO" of "AFRICAN" descent. and this is an accepted fact in their circles. go look her up for yourself, she was very dark in skin complexion...

now it is also noted in the hadiths that Nabiy Mohammed (Muhammad, asa) made a prophecy of a "MAHDI" (GUIDE) that would come from his GENEOLOGY/FAMILY/BLOODLINE. and Prophet Mohammed (asa) only had ONE DAUGHTER that survived him, named FATIMAH who married ALI (raa) his nephew, and they had two sons HUSSAN and HUSSAIN. thus they were the only producers of any grand-children for Nabiy Mohammed (Muhammad, asa).

in the "SUDAN" (from the arabic word ASWAD meaning black), in the 1800's, there was a PROVEN descendant of NABIY MOHAMMED (Muhammad, asa) that claimed to fulfill this prophecy, and it has been noted in the HISTORICAL RECORDS FROM PERSONAL EYEWITNESS, THAT HE WAS VERY DARK IN COMPLEXION. as all native Sudanese men are. and his geneology can be traced back through FATIMAHS (Mohammed's [asa] daughter) son "HUSAIN".

but the interesting thing here is the hadith that states his brother "HUSAN" was KNOWN IN TH HADITH to be the spitting image of Nabiy Mohammed (Muhammad, asa) himself. in fact, there is also a story regarding one thing that happened to him. in that hadith, HUSAN was walking along when a SLAVE TRADER NAMED "SALAH IBN RIGA" saw him and began to drag him off because he was so DARK and strong looking, that Salah would get good money for him. but then as he was dragging the boy off, the boy told him who his parents were, and who his grand-father was, so the slave trader let him go, as you cant sell the "PROPHET'S" grand-child. this is also HADITH you almost never hear about.

and as it has also been noted in certain historical records that Nabiy Mohammed (Muhammad, asa) was "LARGE MOUTHED" (aka BIG LIPPED), that he was "BLUE-SKINNED" a term meaning very DARK (what we call today as BLUE-BLACK, in ancient ARABIA, they even used the term GREEN because it was so dark to them, that will be in the book). and that he had hair like the "fuzzy wuzzy" (aka AN AFRO) tribe of dongola (which the MAHDI of the Sudan also was related to). if you actually LOOK, and stop accepting the LIE that BILAL was the only "BLACK" (DARK-SKINNED) person in ARABIA during NABIY MOHAMMED'S (Muhammad, asa) time, you will not be forced to use a SLAVE as your only example of YOU GOING TO HEAVEN (THE HIGHEST PLANE OF LIFE WITH ALLAH, swt). the Europeans named that one tribe in Sudan as the "fuzzy wuzzy", because they let their hair grow very LONG, and thats the look it takes on, as most "AFROS" without picks look. so NABIY MOHAMMED (Muhammad, asa) would also have needed an AFRO-PICK...

now I could go into everything else that would prove Nabiy Mohammed (Muhammad, asa) was not AGAINST DARK-SKINNED ASIATICS, as he himself was one. but I will leave this and those things for those who really want to do some actual research. even though the light-skinned arabs have tried to change Nabiy Mohammeds (Muhammad, asa) complexion over a long period of time. these HADITH still exist. and its up to you which ones you will be accepting. I am just presenting you with the alternative information, they hide from you, so you can go look it up for yourself. and if you dont believe me, or dont want to do the leg work, thats on you, BUT I HAVE MADE UP NOTHING HERE...

True and Divine Peace (HKMSTA 46:9)

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