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I am going to teach you something that you did not know about yourself, something that has been hinted at, and guessed at, and poked at, and everything but made fully known to you, as it should have always been.


I am going to teach you the true and divine "knowledge" of yourself, historically speaking.


today they have you calling yourself everything but what you are, and so, you are never able to take your proper place in the national and international affairs of men all over the world. you have been mentally robbed of your inalienable, inherent and invincible manhood, by being robbed of your nationhood.


this robbery did not begin with Slavery (the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade), it began 800 years earlier.


in 711 AD, the "Moors" (also called "Berbers" at tht point), who are the original people of West Africa deciding to expand their Moorish Empire went from Africa into Europe, from Morocco into Spain, and conquered most of Spain except for the very North.


for 800 (700 AD - 1400 AD) the Moors ruled over Spain, and brought the greatest civilization known in Europe into existence. what the Moors did in Spain was taken to the rest of Europe by the Spaniards and began what they now call the Renaissance (which means "rebirth") to Europe, bringing them out of their "Dark Ages", a term they took from the Moslems (Moors of West Africa), because in Islam there is the teaching that before Prophet Mohammed was raised in Mecca, Arabia with the Great Koran (Al-Quran Al-Adhiym) the whole of Arabia was under what is called its "Jahaliyyah" period, which is a period of darkness and ignorance ruling over the people.


so the Wisdom, Science, teachings of the Moors (the Moslems) in Spain brought a New Light to them, and the rest of Europe, as they saw what we were doing, and copied it to the fullest. this ended their own "Jahaliyyah" (darkness/ignorance) all over the continent of Europe. it is literally the Science of the Moors (who were all Moslems) that began to raise them up, and this is a historical fact.


now, the whole time the Moors (Moslems) were in Spain, the Spanish, French, Italians, and English were trying to bring Spain back under the rule of the Spaniards. and finally in the lte 1400s the Spaniards, with help from their European brothers, finally defeated the Moors in the beginning of 1492.


upon defeating the Moors (Moslems from West Africa), the Spaniards gave them Moors two options, return to West Africa, or stay in Spain under the rule of the Royal Family of Spain as "Spaniards" (subjects of the king and queen), but they forsake their allegiance to their own Moorish Empire, and they must become "Catholics" (the first "Christians") at that time. most of the Moors went home to West Africa, but some betrayed their people and stayed in Spain under those conditions, they became known as "Mosricos", and the people in Spain that were related to the "Moriscos" (the spanish word for Moorish) were called "Morenos".


now, those who stayed in Spain began to work for the king and queen of Spain, began to tell them all of our secrets, for example, the Moors (Moslems) of West Africa had been traveling to another land for a long time, they would sail across the Atlantic, and bring many things back. some of them would stay in this New Land, and build Colonies, at times even mixing in with the Natives.


one such display is the "Algonquin" Native-American tribe of Central North America. the term "Al-" is actually "Arabic", all historians will and do acknowledge that fact. there were many half Moorish, and half Native-American tribes in Central North America, who lived here long before the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade began in the early 1500's.


it is also a known historical fact that the Olmecs who started the Meso-American Empire that produced the Toltecs, Incas, Astecs, and Ute, Native-Americans, also called the first "Mexicans" by many. this is also a well known fact.


the Spaniards used our information and maps, to come to this New Land, following behind us. the Spaniards called on Christopher Columbus in 1492, the same year the Moors were defeated. this is no coincidence, or chance happening. this was a betrayal of one of our African Empires, by those seeking "Gold" (riches/fortune) at the price of their own blood. when Columbus arrived, they decided they would go into West Africa, and force the Moors (Berbers) who would not bow to them as Moriscos to WORK in this New Land. and thus the Europeans of Spain, France, Italy and England, began going into West Africa, and "snatching" or "kidnapping" the natives there, and forcing them to go to "America" as their "Slaves".


it is  known historical fact that around 90% of the African Slaves came from West Africa, but as time went on the Europeans also started taking slaves from other portions of Africa. because what started out as a for of revenge on the Moors, became a purely "Financial" endeavor. and slavery was big business for 400 years.


this is why most of the slaves that came to America were Moslems when they got here, because they were West Africans, who were all Moslems at that time. even the movie "ROOTS" let you know this fact, as well as the movie "AMISTAD", go back and re-watch them, those were Moors (Berbers) of West Africa. and once coming to America, all of the slaves mixed with each other for 400 years, so all men and women whose fathers and mothers came out of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade have "Moorish" blood running thru their veins, you are all Moors by descent and descendancy.


this is all historical fact, and they know all of this, but they dont tell you all of this for a reason.


in order to further break the "kidnapped" who knew exactly who they were, their language, their religion, etc. and would keep fighting their forced enslavement, the "slave" holders began to murder off all who knew the whole truth, and only leave those who did not know it. and once they had successfully removed the national knowledge of who we were from us, they started calling themselves "slave-masters", because they were now the "masters" of what they created, traded, raped, and murdered, the "slave" (a fake species of man).


and ever since this time, we have been seeking our "identity", trying to figure out who we really are, and trying to be everything and anything but what we really are by all the laws of nature.


they took African, Berber and Moor from us, and gave us "Negro", "Black" and "Colored", terms that have no national meaning whatsoever, and connects us to nothing but whatever they told us these names meant, thus we were now living our lives as their intellectual inventions, and by identifying ourselves by their inventions, we became their intellectual property.


once the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade officially ended, they still did not come out and tell us who we really were, we had adapted to being their negroes, blacks and coloreds, and that was fine by them, because to know our true nationality, would give us a real knowledge of ourselves, and then we would go out and be our true selves, and reconnect with ourselves all over the planet, gaining much power very quickly, which they could not allow. so they left us mentally "enslaved", calling us "freemen" and "ex-slaves", like those are nationalities, or our real roots. the negroes, blacks and coloreds were born from slavery, not the real Berbers, Moors, and Africans.


as we grew wiser, we started calling ourselves Africans, but we act like we dont know what African Nations we came from, so we took on false national titles like African-American, which is not a nationality, and they know this. "Africa" is not a nation, the root of the word "nationality", from "natio", from "nasci", which means to be "born" to. your nationality tells you what fathers and mothers you have been born to, like your last name, imagine meeting someone who did not know their own last name, and made up a fake one, they might be satisfied with that, but it still fake, and fake has no legal rights that have to be recognized by anyone in the world.


slaves did not give birth to you, because slave is a fake name, it was an enslaved nation of people that gave birth to you, people predominantly from West Africa, the Moors (Berbers), who were all Moslems.


the massive population of these Moors living in America today have become Christians fro the same reason the Moriscos and Morenos did, because it is already largely accepted by the "rulers" (originally being the European Christian Slave holders) here. so you grow up thinking it is your natural religion as "black people", but there is no such nationality as "black people" or "negro people" or "colored people", and thus you are not "black people" or "christians" by the laws of nature.


there are some calling themselves "black nationalist" of today, who still do not know their true nationality, but identify with Africa, and still call themselves "black", which is not the color of your skin, it never has been, and never will be, it is "brown", from very dark to very light.


those same people tell us who know the whole truth of the history of our people here in America, say that Islam is not naturally our religion, it belongs to the Arabs. but this is also falsehood, what they dont know, but all scholars of Arabian History know, is that Mohammed (asa) was a very dark-skinned man, in fact, his mother (Aminah) was an Ethiopian from Ethiopia. what they also know, that most of these "black nationalist" dont know is, all of the original people of Arabia were from "East Africa", the first Arabians are called/classified as "Afro-Arabian", because historically speaking, all of the original people of East Africa and West Asia (where Arabia is) are one people, before the mixing in of others. in fact, scientifically speaking, there were three typs of Arabians in Arabia over time, and the third type is the Arabs you see today. but only the first and second type existed in Arabia during the time of Mohammed (asa).


what they also dont seem to know is, the language of "Arabic" has only recently become called "Arabic", it was called "Arabian", and before that it was called "Nabatean", which came from "Moabite", from "Hebrew". and "Hebrew" comes from "Chaldean Aramaic", which comes from "Aramaic", which comes from "Akkadian", and Akkadian is the first documented "Semitic" language, which also originated out of East Africa, another proven historical fact.


what they don’t tell most of you is that Arabic is a Afro-Asiatic language. also called an Hamo-Semetic language, because fo the ties between East Africa and West Asia. in fact, the "black nationlaist" love the language of Kiswahili (usually just called swahili), from the Swahili Empire of the Waswhili (meaning "swahili people"). and Swahili is 45% Arabic, because they have been working with their Arabian brothers and sisters fro over 2000 years. we are all one people.   


we the Moorish-Americans, know the whole truth of everything we are doing, we know the real origins of everything we do. we know who we really are, according to all the sciences of actual history, nothing made up, nothing mythological, nothing unprovable, its all facts. the Moorish-Americans have begun to relive our lives as our true selves, like we were before "slavery" (the Trans-Atlantic slave trade) happened. and now we are rebuilding all that was taken from us, beginning with our own Moorish Empire.


if you are interested in knowing the whole truth about all of this, and being what our forefathers and foremothers were, we welcome you to come and do so. this is the job we have been doing since 1913 AD, so come and ask as many questions as you can, we will be more than happy to answer them. or do you want you and your children to keep living a lie???


The first step to returning to our Imperial origins is to know our true Nationality, and then to become Nationals in the affairs of Nations, locally and internationally. And the first national government we must have power, influence, and control within is the National Government U.S.A., as this is where we reside (inhabit). But the first fight on that level is not “civil rights”, it is “Human Rights” being enforced by the Civil (internal/private) laws of this National Government.


As Human Rights Laws already exist nationally and internationally, and all national governments must abide by them, but they must be enforced. And any new laws being enacted must be forced to be in accordance with those Human Rights Laws. And in fact, the first and most important Human Rights Laws, are those of our true religion.  


The Moorish Nationals of all Moorish Nations, and their governments (national or otherwise), are for government (peace), and not anarchy (destruction). And we have been proclaiming our true nationality and religion, and reclaiming all of our rights, power and authority, for almost 100 (1913-2012) years now. Unlike those of our race who came out of the institution of slavery, but do not know and what they really are, we do not act in our citizenship under a granted “privilege” (a private law made for negroes to act like citizens), we are actually recognized as citizens in accordance with the terms of the United States Constitution, which all American government Agencies must recognize and abide by. You cannot be recognized as a Citizen of any national government, if you’re not first recognized as a human being, because all citizens are human beings.


A slave is legally considered property (which no human being can be), and thus no slave is a human being in the eyes of the law, and ex-slave means ex-property, and thus still not a human being. Just because someone relinquishes control of their property does not make it a human being. And there is only one person that can bring you out of your ex-property status??? You.


How do you do that??? By finding out the whole truth, and then coming home and proclaiming your nationality with the Moorish Nationals here. Only a properly officialized member of your nation who is already recognized by the nations, can recognize you as one of them, so that it sticks legally all over the world. Knowing a thing, being a thing, and being legally recognized as that thing, are three different things. You must do all three.


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