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this kind of question is exactly why I am always saying you must learn to read a TEXT in its proper CONTEXT, or you will always have a misunderstanding (one of the mysteries)...

let us look at the HKMSTA chapter 12, what most will quote as their idea of HEAVEN and HELL...

3. And Jesus spoke to one and said: "Why are you all so sad? Have you no happiness in life?"

now, here Jesus (asa) is speaking about happiness in PHYSICAL LIFE on the PLANE OF MANIFEST, not on the HIGHEST PLANE OF LIFE, or in the PLANES ABOVE. he is looking at PHYSICAL PEOPLE on the PHYSICAL EARTH, etc.

4. The man replied: "We scarcely know the meaning of that word. We toil to live, and hope for nothing else but toil, and bless the day when we can cease our toil and lay down and rest in Buddha's city of the dead."

buddahs CITY OF THE DEAD, that was the PHYSICAL HEAVEN they were talking about, which is where you finally went once you became a BUDDAH TYPE yourself. so this is still PHYSICAL, not SPIRITUAL, it was an actual "CITY" called "SHAMBALLAH". 

5. And Jesus' heart was stirred with pity and with love for these poor toilers, and he said: 6. "Toil should not make a person sad; men should be happiest when they toil. When hope and love are back of toil then all of life is filled with joy and peace and this is heaven. Do you not know that such a heaven is for you?"

Jesus (asa) saw their PHYSICAL SUFFERING and told them the PHYSICAL HEAVEN he was seeking was the WRONG IDEA, but "SUCH A HEAVEN" as being filled with JOY AND PEACE physically on EARTH without going to that CITY is possible. this has nothing to do with the SPIRIT, or the WRATH or JUDGEMENT of ALLAH (swt), this is dealing solely with these peoples HAPPINESS ("SUCH A HEAVEN" of ETERNAL FELICITY on the PHYSICAL PLANET in the PHYSCIAL BODY). 

7. The man replied: "Of heaven we have heard; but then it is so far away, and we must live so many lives before we can reach that place!"

the man goes back to his "CITY" idea.

8. And Jesus said: "My brother, man, your thoughts are wrong; your heaven is not far away, and it is not a place of metes and bounds, is not a country to be reached; it is a state of mind!

now, Jesus (asa) does not go against his CITY idea, but he does tell him "YOUR HEAVEN", not THE HEAVEN, not HEAVEN, but "YOUR HEAVEN", speaking about this MAN'S PHYSICAL LIFE and PERSONAL HAPPINESS, that "SUCH A HEAVEN" was not within METE AND BOUNDS as any ONE PHYSICAL PLACE, it was whereever the MIND was. because the MIND will determine what will be a HEAVEN or HELL for it PHYSICALLY, for example, PRISON is a HEAVEN for some, and a HELL for others, but it is still a PRISON, and other PRISONS do exist, and some are far worse than others.

9. Allah never made a heaven for man; He never made a hell; we are creators and we make our own.

now, after discussing all of this PHYSICALNESS, should we now believe the words HEAVEN and HELL here represent something SPIRITUAL, or what the SPIRITUAL goes thru??? or is he still speaking to this MAN aboiut his PHYSICAL LIFE and PERSONAL HAPPINESS??? I will let you decide.

10. Now cease to seek for heaven in the sky; just open up the windows of the hearts, and, like a flood of light, a heaven will come and bring a boundless joy; then toil will be no cruel task."

he saysd DONT SEEK IT IN THE SKY, and the SKY IS the SKY of the PHYSICAL EARTH going out into the PHYSICAL UNIVERSE, is he speaking spiritually here???

do you see what I am saying??? is Jesus (asa) here speaking about the things that the SOUL and the SPIRIT will have to go thru when this PHYSICAL LIFE is over, or is he speaking to this man about PHYSICAL LIFE and making it better.

now, this goes with ISLAM, because there is a "hadith" that states that for a wife, her husband is her heaven and hell, depending on how he treats her. and so in Islam it has been long known that HEAVEN and HELL are also STATES OF MIND because of what you are PHYSCIALLY GOING THRU.

"Anas reported that the Holy Prophet had said: "For the woman her husband is Paradise as well as Hell." (Ahmad, Nasai). (Ideal Woman in Islam. by Imran Muhammad).

now, PARADISE here is the same HEAVEN was speaking about, but PARADISE has multiple meanings too, JANNAH (garden) and FIRDUWS (paradise) both are called "HEAVEN". there is much you have to understand to read all of this correctly. let us also look at this next hadith...

"Paradise lies under the feet of the mother". (Nasai). (Ideal Woman in Islam. by Imran Muhammad).

now, was it not the same PROPHET that taught gave the HKMSTA, he also told us about the FIRE that will BURN OUR COAT TAILS, called the WRATH OF ALLAH, where we will need a APPARATUS to RISE ABOVE to ESCAPE, etc.??? yes it was.

did the PROPHET believe in a PHYSICAL HELL (fire, earthquakes, tidal waves, etc)??? yes. so why dont you??? but whether there is a PHYSICAL HELL does not mean there is or isnt a SPIRITUAL HELL, as the SPIRIT still has a MIND does it not??? or do you think the POSSIBILITY of going thru a SPIRITUAL STATE that causes the MIND to go thru HELL does not exist???

and yet we got INNUMERABLE FOES on this plane and the plane of SOUL which is not physical at all??? and the plane of soul is not the HIGHEST PLANE OF LIFE with ALLAH (swt) is it??? so you still have a lot to learn dont you???  

now, I purposely did not go into the HKOM and its lessons on HEAVENS of JANNAT and FIRDUWS, and its HELLS of JAHIYM and JAHANNUM, because if you understood the above, you have perfectly understood these too.

and as I have continually stated, the SPIRIT and SOUL cannot be BURNED BY FIRE nor HURT BY STONES. we must understand what is PHYSICAL, what is SOULAL, and what is SPIRITUAL. just as we must know the differences between a STATE and a PLACE, and in all of these cases, we must know which one we are speaking of.  

I will not tell you what to think in these areas about what is described in the HKOM, I am just showing you soemthing that needed to be pointed out about the lessons in the HKMSTA, because they do not go against what is taught in the HKOM or the HADITH. 

the CITY OF BUDDAH also known as SHAMBALLAH represents the GARDEN OF EDEN, and th place that SHAMBALLAH exist is called ARGHATHA, which represents EDEN itself.

but these PLACES, where they are REAL or NOT, or if they are where some pople think they are, is not what is important, what is important is that they represent STATES OF BEING, and only those who deserve to LIVE in those STATES OF BEING, will, and those who dont, wont.

this is the life (way of life) of the MOSLEM, the MOSLEM is one who has chosen to strive to be one of the "AHLI AL-JANNAT" meaning the "PEOPLE OF THE GARDEN", the word JANNAT universally representing the STATE OF BEING that ADAM and EVE were given to live in when they were PLEASING TO ALLAH (swt).

when they were RIGHTEOUS, they were given the GARDEN (JANNAT) for their dwelling.

people always say here in America in the CHRISTIAN ideal that all they have to do is be "GOOD PEOPLE", but what does that mean??? what is a GOOD PERSON according to the understanding of ALLAH (swt). because it is the PLEASURE OF ALLAH (swt) that is the key to PLEASING ALLAH (Swt) which is the only way ot receieve the "GARDEN" (JANNAT), it does not matter what PHYSICAL or SPIRITUAL form that the JANNAT (GARDEN) takes.

and the only way to become one of the PEOPLE IN THE GARDEN is to be one of the PEOPLE OF THE GARDEN, did you get that???

for example, lets say to you MARS was HEAVEN, by whatever ideal of a HEAVEN that you have. to go be with those PEOPLE on MARS, aka MARTIANS, you must BE LIKE THEM before you ever get there, because NO ONE with any intelligence is going to let you come into their house and destroy the furniture, use the bathroom in the middle of the floor, rape their spouses, and murder their children, and I mean NO ONE, especially thsoe with a HIGHER SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE.

so what is the KEY (qaulifier) to getting into that form of CIVILIZATION (way of life), it is to set up a SOCIETY exactly like that on MARS. thus you must LIVE like a "MARTIAN" while on EARTH to be accepted by the MARTIANS on MARS.

any STATE OF BEING that is equal to or better than the STATE OF BEING called JANNAT (GARDEN) is "A JANNAT" (GARDEN), and only if you are creating "A JANNAT" for yourself wherever you go, are you deservig of a "JANNAT" established by ALLAH (swt), no matter where it is, physically or spiritually, or both.

do you understand me???

the purpose of being a MOSLEM is to become one of the "AHLI AL-JANNAT", if you think anything else, you have no idea what ISLAM is about, and thus you cannot be fulfilling the title of MOSLEM (MUSLIM = MU+ISLAM).

one of the AHLI AL-JANNAT has to be the HIGHEST FORM OF LIFE (living being), as it is one that ALLAH (Swt) has seen a "GOOD PERSON" (SUPERIOR PERSON, SUPERME BEING) to the level of being in "PARADISE", the HIGHEST STATE OF BEING, as no STATE OF BEING (existing) in existence can be higher than BEING with ALLAH (Swt). and so thats what JANNAT (manifest by our HOLY CITIES), and the AHLI AL-JANNAT (manifested by the UMMAH) represents.

and if we are truly living as MOSLEMS then anywhere where there are only MOSLEMS becomes JANNAT, if you but understand, because the SPIRIT (RUH) is the SPIRIT (RUH), it does not change inside or outside the body. the SPIRIT that deserves to be in JANNAT, will manifest it anywhere and everywhere, plain and simple.

the physical purpose of the UMMAH is to create a GLOBAL EDEN of EARTH (Al-ARD) and the HOLY CITIES of ISLAM are the physical GARDENS.

The “GARDEN” (AL-JANNAT) is the “FINAL ABODE” (highest plane of life with our father ALLAH, swt) is part of the TEACHINGS of the MSTA. For example…

Section 3

[Raad 13:19] So will he, who knows that what is sent down upon you from your Lord is the truth, ever be equal to him who is blind? Only the men of understanding heed advice.

[Raad 13:20] Those who fulfil the pact of Allah, and do not renege on the covenant.

[Raad 13:21] Those who unite what Allah has commanded to be united, and fear their Lord, and apprehend the evil of the account.

[Raad 13:22] Those who were patient in order to gain their Lord’s pleasure and kept the prayer established and spent in Our cause part of what We bestowed upon them, secretly and openly, and repel evil by responding with goodness - for them is the gain of the final abode.

[Raad 13:23] The everlasting Gardens of Eden which they will enter, and the deserving among their forefathers and their wives and their descendants - the angels will enter upon them from every gate.

[Raad 13:24] (Saying), "Peace be upon you, the recompense of your patience - so what an excellent gain is the final abode!"

[Raad 13:25] And those who break the pact of Allah after its ratification, and sever what Allah has commanded to be joined, and spread turmoil in the earth - their share is only the curse and their destiny is the wretched abode.

[Raad 13:26] Allah eases and restricts the sustenance for whomever He wills; and the disbelievers rejoiced upon the life of this world; and the life of this world, as compared with the Hereafter, is just a brief utilisation.

Section 4

[Raad 13:27] And the disbelievers said, "Why was not a sign sent down upon him from his Lord?" Proclaim, "Indeed Allah sends astray whomever He wills, and guides towards Himself the one who comes towards Him."

[Raad 13:28] "Those who accepted faith and whose hearts gain solace from the remembrance of Allah; pay heed! Only in the remembrance of Allah is the solace of hearts!"

now, we as Moslems have our understanding of what Islam is beginning with the Moorish Guide Newspaper Article called "What Is Islam?" (February 1st, 1929) and what most people today do not seem to be understanding is that in the Article the Holy Koran of Mecca is not only utilized Quoted, but all of the principles of the article comes right out of the Holy Koran of Mecca. because just as the Great Prophet (asa) told us, in the MSTA we teach and practice the LOFTY TEACHINGS of the Holy Koran of Mecca, aka the Great Koran (Al-Quran Al-Adhiym).

now, to further prove this fact I have went over the English translations of the Great Koran (Al-Quran Al-Adhiym), to find the ones that say;

"The Koran, the Holy book of Islam, tells us that the final abode ('Auqaba Al-Dari, HKOM 13:24) of man is the "House of Peace." (Dari Al-Salam, HKOM 10:25) 'where' no vain word or sinful discourse will be heard (HKOM 56:25)."

there are three references to THE GARDEN OF PARADISE spoken of in the Great Koran (Al-Quran Al-Adhiym), and notice very carefully the term "Sinful Discourse", that term is only used in a few of the English translations, it comes from Surah 56 Ayat 25. in a description of life in THE Garden (Al-Jannat), also being called the "House of Peace" (Daru Al-Salam) and the "Final Abode", in the same translation....

now, there were only nine English translations up to 1930.... so the above must come out of one of them. as this is the time period which we are talking about;


  1. Alexander Ross, 1649, The Alcoran of Mahomet: Translated out of Arabique into French by the Sieur Du Ryer;

2. George Sale, 1734, KORAN, Commonly called The Alcoran of Mohammed, Translated into English immediately from the Original Arabic; with Explanatory Notes, taken from the most approved Commentators. To which is prefixed a Preliminary Discourse;

3. John Meadows Rodwell, 1861, The Koran

4. E.H. Palmer, 1880, The Qur'an: The Sacred Books of the East Part Nine

5. Mohammad Abdul Hakim Khan, 1905, The Holy Qur'an, Patiala

6. Hairat Dehlawi,1912, The Koran Prepared, Delhi

7. Mirza Abul Fazl, 1911, The Qur'an, Arabic Text and English Translation Arranged Chronologically with an Abstract, Allahabad;

8. Maulana Muhammad Ali, 1917 The Holy Qur'an: Text

9. Al-Hajj Hafiz Ghulam Sarwar, 1920, Translation of the Holy Qur'an, Singapore;

if there are any more English translations prior to 1930, please let me know, this is all I was able to find so far.... and everywhere I checked agreed on these. but that doesnt mean its all of them. now, the Pickthal translation came into existence in 1930, the Yusuf Ali Translation in 1934, and the Shakir Translation in 1980, so this could not be a quote from any of these.

I could not get my hands on the copies by Mohammed Abdul Hakim Khan, or Mirza Abul Fazl, or Hairat Dehlawi translations of the Great Koran (Al-Quran Al-Adhiym), so I dont know what they had said, I can only go with what I have been able to find pre-1930. and none of them say "vain or sinful discourse" ...

SALE: They shall not hear therein any vain discourse, or any charge of sin;

RODWELL:  No vain discourse shall they hear therein, nor charge of sin,

MUALANA ALI: They hear therein no vain or sinful talk —

E.H. PALMER: They shall hear no folly there and no sin;

SARWAR: They will not hear any unnecessary or sinful talk

ROSS: they Shall not hear and evil word spoken, they shall not sin

but, heres where the problem comes in, there are other translators after 1930 that use the same usage such as, for example;

Abdul Majid Daryabadi - Therein they hear no vain or sinful discourse.

M. H. Shakir - They shall not hear therein vain or sinful discourse,

Hamid S. Aziz - They shall not hear therein vain or sinful discourse,

now, many say that the MUHAMMAD HABIB SHAKIR translations was actually taken from the MUALANA MUHAMAMAD ALI version, but they definitely dont seem to agree on 56:25... in fact, the M. SHAKIR translation here seems to be word or word the same as the HAMID AZIZ translation, which I have not yet been able to get the full information on yet (as of the date of this article), I would really like to know the DATE of the AZIZ translation.

but anyway, either these translators stole their translations of 56:25 from the Moorish Guide Newspaper article, the writer of the article was psychic and predicted the future, or one of the Qurans from pre-1930 that I havent been able to get yet, says exactly what the writer of the article says it said. which is what I have to go with, because they acknowledged they were quoting the "Koran", so while I find out which one it was, the fact remains that it cannot be DENIED that he was QUOTING THE KORAN (QURAN/CORAN)   

and we are also told “13:24 - salamun 'Aalaykum bima sabartum fan'Aama 'Auqba Al-Dari, which basically means “peace be upon you IN WHAT YOU have preseved/defended, and yours will be the NEXT HOUSE (ABODE). Notice it is YOU, YOUR OWN WORKS, that will bring that “AL-SALAMU ALAYKUM” of ALLAH (swt), and the ANGELS, and the RIGHTEOUS upon you.  

Now, I will give you a few quotes of HKOM 10:25;


International: And Allah invites to the Home of Peace and guides whom He wills to a straight path

Muhsin Khan: Allah calls to the home of peace (i.e. Paradise, by accepting Allah's religion of Islamic Monotheism and by doing righteous good deeds and abstaining from polytheism and evil deeds) and guides whom He wills to a Straight Path.

Pickthall: And Allah summoneth to the abode of peace, and leadeth whom He will to a straight path.

Yusuf Ali: But Allah doth call to the Home of Peace: He doth guide whom He pleaseth to a way that is straight.

Shakir: And Allah invites to the abode of peace and guides whom He pleases into the right path.

Dr. Ghali: And Allah calls to the Residence of Peace, and He guides whomever He decides to a straight Path.

Now, I don’t know where most of you are headed, I am headed to that FINAL ABODE, which is the HOUSE OF PEACE.  

it should be very interesting for every Moslem of the MSTA to note that the teaching of the "FINAL ABODE" comes out of the HOLY KORAN OF MECCA.

10:25 = daari al-salam (house of peace)

6:127 = daaru al-salam (house of peace)

its like I keep saying I know what I am doing, I was given the work I am doing, and I am doing it to bring you into the "garden" (supreme state of being) that awaits you, these are "garden" teachings, and with them you become more and more the "people of the garden" (Ahla Al-Jannat), but only if you stand by everything I am teaching you, nothing I am saying or doing is outside of that, if you want to live in the "garden", you must become a "gardener" (like Adam before the "fall" from the original state of man, and Jesus after the "resurrection" to the original state of man), where are those MANSIONS in the HOUSE of his father that he was going to prepare a place for you at??? Where is the raising of "fallen man" to, which is he who fell from "Al-Jannat" (lordship over soul/heaven and manifest/earth), and "risen man" is he who has returned/reverted/restored to "Al-Jannat" (lordship over soul/heaven and manifest/earth) 

this all also ties into Yawmu Al-Qiyyam (the day of "resurrection", the resurgence of the lord of soul and manifest), if you but understood, as AL-JANNAT (the Garden) is also called in HKOM 35:35 = daara al-muqaamah (the standing house) - this ties into the qiyyam of salat, and the temple (house) of perfect man, where the flesh every man himself is the garden. the people "of" the garden, are first and foremost, the people who "are" the garden. I mean what would the gardens of delight be if there was no one to delight in them??? and then you begin to fully understand the deeper lesson in all of this. the physical is manifested from the spiritual first.

And all of this being seen in the “symbol” of “CANAAN”….


"ALLAH has sent us a PROPHET and sent him in time with a Holy message which is divine. he came to let the Asiatics of America know they are of the ancient family of the MOORS. his speal was to the Asiatics first. WHY? because they have been sinners since their departure from their forefathers religion. OH! Sinners, why don't you hear the soul of Islam ringing in your ears. The Prophet has said that "if I were you I would get ready before you are made to do so". now come and pick up your fore-fathers and mothers ancient and Divine creed which carries your national name indeed. it will entitle you to your rights which you have been denied. because in 1774 your light was cut off from the ancient Moors and that is why ALLAH has sent to us a Prophet in 1886 to prepare the light that was out. in 1925 The Prophet said "I have mended the broken wires and have connected them with The Higher Powers." so come on Asiatics, don't you want to go? we were marching on to Canaan. I used to think that it was a city in the sky, but now I know it is here on earth. DON'T YOU WANT YOUR SHARE?"


you may or may not understand this, but the ANGELS were the first PEOPLE OF THE GARDEN, and they have never stopped being the PEOPLE OF THE GARDEN, those people that represent the HIGHER-SELF (RUHU AL-QUDUWS), and when the WHOLE BODY becomes the HIGHER-SELF, they are automatically "IN" the GARDEN (Al-Jannat as Daara Al-Muqaamah of 35:35), also called the ETERNAL GARDEN in HKOM 25:15 - Jannati al-khuldi = the eternal garden.

One of the GARDENS of HKOM 55:46, which is usually translated as “TWO GARDENS” or “FOUR GARDENS” because it shows the “SEVERAL” (PLURALITY) of the word “JANNATAN”.  And so, under this thinking, there is more than ONE GARDEN, because anywhere that is the "supreme state of being" or "supreme state of spiritual being" is a "Janaat" (one of the Jannatan), but the "Jannat" that is "with" our Father God-Allah is Al-Jannat (the highest/supreme Jannat). And let us remember as in the beginning (PHYSICAL JANNAT) so shall it be in the end (SPIRITUAL JANNAT).

now, where was the first garden (heaven) on Earth??? at Mecca (makkah). and Mecca (makkah) is where??? in Asia. and thus the original "People of the Garden" (Ahla Al-Jannat) where what??? Asiatics. so the term "Asiatic" (seed/essence/presence of Allah [swt] in flesh) is equivelant to what??? Ahla Al-Jannat, the people that represent the HIGHER-SELF as the LIVING IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF ALLAH (Genesis 1:26-28).

and this makes Al-Jannat your birthright (heritage/descendancy and inheritance/descent). many of our people call us "African" because of our time in Africa. but before we were in Africa, we were in "Al-Jannat", thus we are "Jannatiyyah". and notice the similarity between Jannah/Jannat and "Ghana", that is no coincidence at all. but anyway...

now, I have basically spoken of the more PHYSICAL HEAVENS and HELLS over TIME. but let me give you a simple understanding of "THE HEAVEN" and "THE HELL" that all SPIRITS will one day be sent (ascend or descend) to. 

what would be HELL for the SPIRIT??? to go to the PLANES below this one, called "HADES" by the GREEKS and AMENTI by the COPTICS. what would be HEAVEN for the SPIRIT??? to go to the PLANES above this one.

and PURGATORY is where the SPIRIT is out of the BODY, but still ON THIS PLANET as what they call a "GHOST" or "DISEMBODIED SPIRIT", until it goes to one or the other.

what makes the LOWER PLANES a HELL, because they are WORSE THAN THIS ONE, and those spirits that go there will be forced to go thru HELL to get back here, or raise to a HIGHER PLANE than this one. I mean think about it, how did you get on this PLANE in the first place, and there are SEVEN PLANES. who told you this was the LOWEST PLANE of all SEVEN??? and if this is not the SEVENTH (LOWEST), what do you think the LOWEST (SEVENTH) would/will be like???

now, think about this, if there is a “HIGHEST PLANE OF LIFE”, there must be a “LOWEST PLANE OF LIFE” automatically. and if the HIGHETS PLANE OF LIFE is "THE HEAVEN" (which all ideas of a heaven are but an example of), then the LOWEST PLANE OF LIFE is "THE HELL" (which all ideas of a hell are but an example of).

you LOWERED from SPIRIT to SOUL to MANIFEST, do you think you cannot LOWER anymore to the LOWEST PLANE where you are the FURTHEST AWAY FROM ALLAH (Swt). now ALLAH (Swt) is EVERYWHERE, and that means on EVERY PLANE, but as far as you feel REMOVED from ALLAH (swt) on this PLANE, you will feel that much more REMOVED from ALLAH (swt) on the LOWER PLANES, and then you will also pick up another GARB, a GARB for that PLANE, can you imagine that??? a GARB (BODY) worse than this one, with thesubstances of the GARBS of SOUL and MANIFEST trapped within it??? now think about descriptions of "HELL" and what you will go thru, and you will begin to understand.

and as I have always told you, you are either ASCENDING or DESCENDING, there is no INBETWEEN, except for this life now on this PLANE, where th ascending and descending is taking place from.

someone once asked me, if this is true, what about the SPIRITS or LIFE FORMS on the LOWEST PLANE, where will they go, if they cant go down anymore??? and I asked them, "where do rocks come from???", they asked me what I meant???, and I asked them, "what happens when life has become completely absorbed by its LOWEST PART???", and they said, they become that LOWEST PART, and I said, "and thats all that is left of them, do you really want to find out what that level is like, a type of rock (completely solidified substance), because you dont do anything but get more and more sluggish (slower and heavier in density), until you finally come to a full stop, or as close as a living being can come to it???".

Just think about it…

14:49-51 - it speaks about doing PHYSICAL ACTS to flesh, like BOILING WATER, but notice it mentions, to PAIN the SPIRIT OF MAN, meaning the SPIRIT IN THE FLESH, not the FLESH itself.... because the SPIRIT OF MAN is IN HIM.

29:57 = every SPIRIT must EXPERIENCE DEATH and then RETURNS TO ALLAH (swt) sooner or later. it does not say RETURNS IMMEDIATELY.

You will have to burn out your EVIL, even if it burns you up, 104:1-9…

Quran 104:0 Verse 104:0 In the name of God, The Most Kind, The Most Merciful.

Quran 104:1 Verse 104:1 Misfortune is on every slanderer (who insults) and every person who spreads (evil) gossip (about other people).

Quran 104:2 Verse 104:2 (Misfortune is on every person) who gathers wealth and counts it (instead of using it for righteous deeds).

Quran 104:3 Verse 104:3 (They love their wealth so much that it is as if) such a person thinks that their wealth shall make them live forever.

Quran 104:4 Verse 104:4 No (such a person is wrong, it is not wealth that makes you live forever it is good deeds). Such a person (who misuses the wealth that was given to them by God or misuses the mouth that was given to them by God by slandering other people or by spread evil gossip) shall be thrown into the destroyer.

Quran 104:5 Verse 104:5 What can explain to you what the destroyer is?

Quran 104:6 Verse 104:6 It is the fire (in Hell) that is ignited by God (on those in whose hearts there are evil deeds).

Quran 104:7 Verse 104:7 (A fire) which reaches inside the hearts (of the wicked).

Quran 104:8 Verse 104:8 It (the fire) shall close (its self) all around them (who are wicked).

Quran 104:9 Verse 104:9 In columns (of fire that shall) extend (through and above the wicked and columns of smoke that shall extend above the wicked).

Now, there is even an old Moslem (muslim) saying that "HELL IS NOT ETERNAL", this is a know fact, let me quote a demonstration I found by a Christian on the matter…

Unlike Christianity’s view of sin, in Islam, sin is not a condition that mankind cannot be “cured” of by his own efforts.  Sin is, first of all, “individual” in nature; and, to hold someone accountable for sins he or she did not commit is unjust and wrong. Hence, atonement in Islam is only possible when the individual makes amends for his own sins through repentance and penance (Qur’an 2:160). A man may “fall short” of Allah’s standards, but it is because he has failed to do good deeds; or, the good deeds that he has done are diminished by his bad deeds.  A Muslim’s good deeds increase and decrease throughout his lifetime because bad deeds offset good deeds (Qur’an 11.111). The “Reliance of the Traveller” is the classic manual of Islamic Sacred Law.  In Book V, 2.3 it states, “It is obligatory to believe in the scale; which consists of two scalepans and a balance indicator between them, and is as great in size as the thickness of the heavens and earth. It weighs a servant’s deeds through the power of Allah Most High, and the weights placed on it are as fine as an atom or mustard seed, that justice may be perfectly done. The pages recording one’s good deeds will be placed in a form pleasing to behold on the side of the scale of Light, weighing it down according to their rank with Allah, through His generosity, while the pages recording one’s bad deeds will be placed in an ugly form on the side of Darkness, diminishing the weight of the opposite side through Allah’s justice.” (p. 823). (It seems that only the ”net” matters.) In Islam, hell is not eternal for Muslims. Reliance of the Traveller, Book V, 2.7 states, “It is obligatory to hold that true believers in the oneness of Allah . . . will be taken out of hell after having paid for their sins, through the generosity of Allah Mighty and Majestic. No one who is a true monotheist will abide in the fire forever.” (p 824) In Islam, repentance is necessary for forgiveness to be granted by Allah.  “According to one adīth, a person who repents of his sins becomes like one who has never committed any sins; . . . Repentance involves: “the penitent be convinced that a sin did occur, show remorse, and resolve to abstain in the future.” (Quoting, Moosa, Ebrahim. “Repentance.” In The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic WorldOxford Islamic Studies Online, (accessed 01-Jan-2012)).  The Qur’an, in fact, states,  for the person who “repents, attains to faith and does righteous deeds, God will change the evil … into good.” (Qur’an 25:70).  In Islam, then, repentance is the “antithesis of the crucifixion and its accompanying salvation.” (Quoting, Moosa, Ebrahim . “Repentance.” In The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic WorldOxford Islamic Studies Online, (accessed 01-Jan-2012)). In Islam nothing is more important than one’s belief in the oneness of Allah and Muhammad as the prophet of Allah. Reliance of the Traveller Book V, 2.0 states, “Allah Most High sent Muhammad …., the Qurayshite unlettered prophet, to deliver his inspired message to the entire world, Arabs and non-Arabs, jinn and mankind, superseding and abrogating all previous religious systems with the Prophet’s Sacred Law, except for the provisions of them that the new revelation explicitly reconfirmed. Allah has favored him [Muhammad] above all the other prophets and made him the highest of mankind, rejecting anyone’s attesting to the divine oneness by saying, “There is no god but Allah,” unless they also attest to the Prophet by saying “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.” He has obliged men and jinn to believe everything the Prophet…. has informed us concerning this world and the next, and does not accept anyone’s faith unless they believe in what he has told us will happen after death.” (p 822). In Islam, the final reckoning is a matter for only Allah to decide. If he wills paradise, it is done. If he wills hell, it is done.  Reliance of the Traveller, Book V, 2.6 states, “It is obligatory to believe in the Final Reckoning and the disparity in the way various people are dealt with therein, some made to answer, others pardoned, and some admitted to paradise without reckoning, being the intimate of Allah (muqarrabun).  Allah Most High shall ask whomever He wills of the prophets if they have conveyed their message, ask unbelievers why they denied the messengers, ask those of reprehensible innovation (bid’a) about the sunna, and ask Muslims about their works.” (p. 824).  Allah not only wills paradise or hell for everyone, he wills everything.  Qur’an 5:18, “The Jews and the Christians say, ‘We are the children of God and His beloved ones.’ Say, ‘Then why does He punish you for your sins? You are merely human beings, part of His creation: He forgives whoever He will and punishes whoever He will.” So then, paradise is never guaranteed to a Muslim. It is contingent at all times upon Allah’s will. A Muslim never knows whether his good deeds outweigh his bad, or whether the “scale” will be tipped in his favor. Paradise, then, is never assured to a Muslim. Allah decides, regardless; and, if hell is his decision, to hell he will go. His only recourse: if he is truly Muslim (believes in the Oneness of Allah and Muhammad as His prophet), then he will remain in hell until Allah decides his time is up.”

Now, I am not saying I agree with everything said in the above article, but it does point out the fact, that in the Great Koran (Al-Quran Al-Adhiym), it lets us know that HELL IS NOT ETERNAL for you, even if there was an ETERNAL PLACE called HELL, you do not have to GO TO it, to GO THRU hell, forever. It all depends. Depends on what??? DIVINE JUSTICE. I mean how FORGIVING can ALLAH (swt) be if you went to a place called HELL forever, fo cheating on your wife one time??? I mean seriously… now you will go THRU HELL because of that, but for the rest of ETERNITY??? It might seem like ETERNITY, but, DIVINE JUSTICE is DIVINE JUSTICE.    

And because it does not say in the QURAN that HELL (JAHANNUM) is ETERNAL for the "SPIRIT", unless you think ONE DAY RETURNING TO ALLAH (swt) and thus BEING WITH ALLAH (swt), which ALL SPIRITS WILL EVENTUALLY DO, is also a HELL???

In verses (ayat) like 11:107, ALLAH (Swt) can let them out of HELL whenever he wills. and you wouldnt mention this unless it were true, and most improtantly, if he wasnt going to do it. but this is also speaking of all kinds of "HELLS" (mental, physical, spiritual, etc.)  

Gulf-Arabic 11:107 - Khalidiyna fiyha ma damati al-samawatu wa-al-ardu illa ma shaa rabbuka inna rabbaka fa-'Aalun li-ma yuriydu

Shakir 11:107 - Abiding therein so long as the heavens and the earth endure, except as your Lord please; surely your Lord is the mighty doer of what He intends.

Yusuf ali 11:107 - They will dwell therein for all the time that the heavens and the earth endure, except as thy Lord willeth: for thy Lord is the (sure) accomplisher of what He planneth.

Pickthal 11:107 - Abiding there so long as the heavens and the earth endure save for that which thy Lord willeth. Lo! thy Lord is Doer of what He will.

Muhammad Ali 11:108 - Abiding therein so long as the heavens and the earth endure, except as thy Lord please. Surely thy Lord is Doer of what He intends.

Sarwar 11:107 - for as long as the heavens and the earth exist, unless your Lord decides otherwise. Your Lord will certainly accomplish whatever He wants. (11:107)

Palmer 11:107 - to dwell therein for aye, so long as the heavens and the earth endure; save what thy Lord will. Verily, thy Lord is one who works His will.

Ross: 106-107 - "there be that shall be miserable, and others who shall be happy; the miserable shall dwell in the fire of hell, they shall cry and complain for long as the earth and the heavens shall endure, and for long as it shall please God, who doth as seemeth good to himself."

notice, that Ross, added some of his own "interpretation" to it, but, he still said what??? "FOR AS LONG AS IT SHALL PLEASE GOD", the idea has never been an "ETERNAL HELL", which is why there is not an ETERNAL PLACE OF HELL where all SPIRITS will go to ETERNALLY.  

now, if you have gone thru any HELLS on this planet, and if youre an adult human being, I know you have, those HELLS seem like forever, dont they??? that is another quality of "A HELL", its almost like time stands still you can suffer every little part of suffering possible.

but do you see the specific point??? in the end, its ALLAH'S DECISION. it could be UNTIL THE END OF THE HEAVENS AND EARTH, aka THE PLANE OF MANIFEST, or it could be less than that, whatever ALLAH (swt) determines at any given moment. and even if it last until the HEAVENS AND EARTH are no more, that is still not FOREVER. 

they even have it separated into "SEVEN HELLS", the opposite of the "SEVEN HEAVENS", think on those terms, "SEVEN" heavens, and "SEVEN" hells. this means they know exactly what "A HEAVEN" and "A HELL" to the SPIRIT is. understand me???

also think of it this way, if I put you some place, then I can take you out of that place whenever I want. just like ANGELS were put  in HEAVEN, the FALLEN ANGELS were PUT OUT OF HEAVEN, and just like those FALLEN ANGELS will be PUT IN HELL, they can be taken right back OUT OF HELL, whenever ALLAH (swt) gets ready. this is why we acknolwegde his being "ALMIGHTY" by constantly saying "ALMIGHTY GOD ALLAH" (swt).

it always amazes me when people will "read" the Quran or Bible, which they did not even write, and then begin to tell ALMIGHTY GOD ALLAH (swt) what he can and cannot do???

Let me end by telling you this event, lol.

I was talking to a brother, and he was asking me about someone else and what I think about them and all of the evil (lying, slandering, hypocrisy, backbiting, etc) they are doing against myself and others??? I told him (the one im talking to) that he (the evil doer) is going to hell. And he said, I thought there was no place called “hell”??? and I explained to him that any place you GO TO in order to GO THRU the consequences and retributions of your actions, is a “hell” for you, and thus, to you.

For example, if you commit a crime, and when you get to prison, you are raped, stabbed, sold around, beaten everyday, etc. I mean just extraordinary evil is being done to you, that will be hellish to you. And when you get out (if you get out), you will be very happy to be out, and if someone ask you what it was like, your first thought will be to tell them “it was hell”, and it was literally.

But you went thru that hellish nightmare, for one of two reasons, as a punishment of Divine Justice for your own evil actions, or because you were being punished by the evil spirits for being righteous, and you will be rewarded by Allah (swt) for it, and they will go thru ten times worse what you did for doing it to you. Just because you see someone suffering doesn’t mean it is Divine Justice, it could be the wrath of the wicked, but they will receive the wrath of Allah (swt) for their unjust deeds.

But the wicked will always go to hell, because they must go thru hell, to burn out the evil they have been running around doing to others, and whatever place it is that they go thru hell at, is their hell. It matters not, if its in their own home, or the lowest plane of existence.

This principle is part of the lessons in the HKMSTA that tells us that MAN (which is the SPIRIT, not the FLESH) will always find himself where he can solve his sums the best, and some of you are so evil to others in this life, you don’t have any choice but to go to hell, because hell is the only place you will be able to solve those evil sums. Where you will be going to, to go thru it, is up to Almighty God Allah (swt), but have no doubt, your going to hell (a hell or the hell) for your evil (anti-divine and inhumane) actions.

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